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Re: game info properties

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  • David Fotland
    ... I allow arbitraty text in the date field, since lots of old files have strange date formats. In my GUI I have 4 fields: Year ____ Month _____ Day
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 11, 1998
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      At 02:29 PM 12/10/98 +0100, you wrote:
      >From: Arno Hollosi <ahollosi@...-graz.ac.at>
      >Hi again,
      >here are some questions that came up in emails
      >with Jan and John Fairbairn.
      >Date DT[]:
      > How do we record a certain period of time?
      > E.g. Played from 1998-01-09 to 1998-04-12
      > How do we record "played in early Qing era"?

      I allow arbitraty text in the date field, since lots of old files
      have strange date formats. In my GUI I have 4 fields:

      Year ____ Month _____ Day _____ Date ________

      If I recognize the date and can convert it to yyyy-mm-dd format,
      I do so, and display it in the year/month/day fields. If I can't
      recognize it, I display it in the date field. If the user starts a game and
      uses the year/month/day fields I use that data, but the user can still enter
      arbitrary text in the fourth field.

      >Time TM[]:
      > How do we record players having different times?
      > E.g. pro vs. amateur
      > Should we merge TM & OT (and remove OT), as TM[] is one
      > of the entries which is most often not formated according
      > to the specs?

      I treat the TM property as arbitrary text and let user type whatever he
      wants there
      (like "10 hours each", or "1 minute, plus 10 moves per 10 minutes").

      I don't use the OT property.

      >Handicap HA[]:
      > Should we allow HA[0]?
      > How do we record traditional handicaps?
      > E.g. "sen-ai-sen" (BBW)

      I have no objection to HA[0].

      Traditional handicaps cover more than one game, and an sgf file is a single
      game. I
      think using comments is good enough for this. "In this game XXX played
      black, with BBW
      handicap used over several games".

      > How do we record rank and names of players of
      > a rengo or team go game?

      I would use PB and PW, listing all of the black player's names in PB. I
      think about the
      format from the GUI point of view. I don't want to clutterup the interface
      with extra text
      fields for player names when they are hardly ever used. The names can be
      arbitrary length,
      so there no reason not to put the entire black team's names there.

      > Is RE[Void] a good expression for unfinished games?
      > (think of all the possible causes why the game was
      > not finsihed)
      > How do we record a game where both players lost?

      I would leave the result off and explain it using a comment.


      >I didn't add possible solutions to that problems, because
      >I'm curious about the ideas you come up with.
      >Ideas welcome
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