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358New version of SGFC

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  • Arno Hollosi
    Mar 25, 2014
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      Dear all,

      after quite some time I'm happy to release SGFC version 1.17.

      Changes since version 1.16 (from 2006!):

      V1.17 (2009-11-30/2014-03-25)
      - fixed broken '\' backslash handling (reported by Matthias Krings)
      - added patch for -L option: try to keep linebreaks at the end of nodes.
      Patch provided by Eric Backus. Thanks.
      - removed DIRTY_FREE compile option
      - fixed empty DD values (which are allowed and should not be deleted)
      Thanks to Thien-Thi Nguyen for the bug report & patch.

      If someone could compile it for Windows' cmd-console I'd be happy to put
      it online.