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349some questions about numbering

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  • Francois Mizessyn
    Nov 5, 2011
      Hello all,

      I have some questions about numbering. May be the answers are
      somewhere at http://www.red-bean.com/ but i didn't find them.

      1) What happens after a setup position?

      Consider the following sample:

      What is the number of W[nc]? 1?

      It seems natural that numbering restarts after a setup position resumes.

      2) What happens after a MN?

      What is the number of B[nc]? 2 or 3?

      It seems natural that numbering of all moves following a MN changes
      accordlingly. But the MN spec say nothing at all about the followers!

      3) A figure starts when a FG is found. What is the number of the
      first move after the FG? 1 or is its number calculated from the
      previous move number?

      B[pd] and W[qf] have no numbering since they are before the FG, but
      what is the number of B[nd]? 1 or 3?

      Both seem natural to me.

      Best regards, Fran├žois Mizessyn
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