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285Re: [sgf-std] New sgf property?

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  • Arno Hollosi
    May 20, 2007

      > How can an additional sgf property be included into the given sgf standard?

      If you add it as a private property all you need to do is to write it in
      the SGF file. SGF programs ignore unknown properties. As for getting
      others to support your property is out of scope of the spec, I guess.

      I take it you would like to add it to the core standard though.

      > But this reference is only a description, not a hyperlink, and that
      > is unnecessarily complicated for me as author and the users and frustrated
      > to search through the branches instead of simply clicking like in HTML.
      > I propose the following syntax:
      > AC[example] Anchor
      > LI[example] Link
      > The anchor is hidden to the viewer. The simplextext of the Link is
      > displayed in like that of C[] and underlined. Clicked, the sgf viewer
      > jumps to the move in the branch where the Anchor with the same simpletext
      > is attached.

      I don't think that this would be the best approach. Having an AC[]
      property seems ok, although I'd argue that we could use the N[] (node
      name) property for this.

      What I'm unhappy about is LI[]. Why not instead define how hyperlinks
      should be done inside C[]? E.g.

      ;B[pq]N[first black move]
      ;B[pl]C[This is black's second move.
      See his awesome {{first move|first black move}}]

      What do others think about such an approach?

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