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276Re: [sgf-std] Re: SGF question regarding CA property

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  • Arno Hollosi
    Aug 24, 2006
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      > backward compatible, but UTF-16 is not, so the parser will never be able
      > to find the CA[] property in the first place.

      Not necessarily. We could define that the CA[] property is only valid for
      text fields *after* the CA[] property occurs in the text.

      But there is one more argument against UTF-16: the parser should be able
      to find the end of a text property by looking for Latin1 ']' [*] (i.e.
      without knowing about the encoding of the text) I am not sure that UTF-16
      has no byte value of ']' occuring e.g. as part of some chinese character.

      So the argument for Latin1 compatibility is a very strong one.


      [*] actually: Latin1 ']' that is not preceeded by Latin1 '\'
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