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Argentina: Cattle Mutilations at "Carlos Casares" ( Province of Buenos Aires)

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    Subj: Argentina: Cattle Mutilations at Carlos Casares ( Province of Buenos Aires) Date: 7/1/2002 11:13:27 AM Eastern Standard Time From:
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      Subj: Argentina: Cattle Mutilations at "Carlos Casares" ( Province of
      Buenos Aires)
      Date: 7/1/2002 11:13:27 AM Eastern Standard Time
      From: <A HREF="mailto:lornis1@...">lornis1@...</A>

      SOURCE: Diario El Oeste (Carlos Casares, Prov. of Bs.As.)
      DATE: 6-26-02

      ** Seen Twice on Monday Night**

      A family from Smith, with whom we spoke over the phone and made a request for
      anonymity, saw a UFO twice over the town of Smith.

      According to the version of a resident of said community, she was on her way
      home from running errands arount 19:30 hrs. when she saw lights in the sky
      traveling from NE to W, issuing bright flashes which cast their light
      downward. When she reached home, she called her husband and her son
      Guillermo--who was also arriving at the same time- so they could witness the

      But according to the story of the resident from Smith, this was not the only
      time that the strange phenomenon was sighted. At 22:00 hours they saw these
      lights with the same characteristics, aiming multicolored rays down toward
      the ground, moving in the opposite direction from the earlier sighting. There
      is even an unconfirmed version of the same phenomenon having been seen in
      Moctezuma and Bellocq.

      **Missing tongue, eye and showing incisions on maxillaries**

      It couldn't be otherwise: in order to be attuned to what is going on in the
      rest of the country and with all manner of speculations, both scientific and
      harebrained, a mutilated bovine was found in Casares. The discovery was made
      on Saturday at the rural farm "Don Angel" in the vicinity of Hortensia by
      foreman Carlos A. Llantada who made the respective report to the authorities.

      According to the claim and the police report, as well as the report of the
      veterinarian who acted as the expert, the animal found was an 18 month female
      weighing 280 kg., presenting a right lateral incision on both maxillaries,
      the extraction of its tongue and the right ocular sphere. The expert was
      unable to determine the cause of death. This allows the case to be placed
      with other similar mysteries of Bahia Blanca, Pehuaj├│ and other parts of the
      province which have caused consternation at the national level, leading some
      to think it could be the handiwork of aliens", of "vernacular mythological
      creatures" like the Chupacabras, or unknown scientific experiments and even
      the deeds of a sect involving sacrifices and pagan rites. There is talk of
      perfect incisions, the absence of tracks surrounding the mutilated animals,
      and everything imaginable, even associations to a mystery that appears in
      "X-Files" of the United States.

      The police classified the offense as "a Violation of Law 14346" since the
      codes have no provisions for fantasy, beliefs or much less superstitions,
      although much of that is fact nowadays, and should be taken into
      consideration. The fact is that prosecutor Daneiri is involved in the matter,
      and her job will be to ascertain if any little green man did the deed, or if
      it is merely the fact that fashion has reached the fields of Cáceres, so as
      not to be left behind.
      Translation (C) 2002. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special
      Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

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