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World Of The Strange Newsletter 6/3/02

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      #1. Bigfoot at 50 - Evaluating a Half-Century of Bigfoot Evidence by:
      Benjamin Radford
      #2. Amazing Kreskin Killing Time Until UFOs Arrive by: Mike Weatherford -
      #3. Should The Moon Be Developed? by: Jim Carlton - THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
      #4. The Soldier, A True Dream by: Darleen DreamerSpirit@...
      Submitted by: Billie Brinkley bbrink@...
      #5. Falling 'Blue Snow?' A True Account As I remember it.. by: Posey Gilbert:
      #6. The Pleading Ghost -From Strange Tales of Mystery and Imagination Mini
      Mag put together by Alex Hamer
      #7. June Website Of Excellence "AlienZoo" http://www.alienzoo.com

      #1. Bigfoot at 50 - Evaluating a Half-Century of Bigfoot Evidence by:
      Benjamin Radford http://www.csicop.org/si/2002-03/bigfoot.html

      The question of Bigfoot's existence comes down to the claim that "Where
      there's smoke there's fire." The evidence suggests that there are enough
      sources of error that there does not have to be a hidden creature lurking
      amid the unsubstantiated cases.

      Though sightings of the North American Bigfoot date back to the 1830s (Bord
      1982), interest in Bigfoot grew rapidly during the second half of the
      twentieth century. This was spurred on by many magazine articles of the time,
      most seminally a December 1959 True magazine article describing the discovery
      of large, mysterious footprints the year before in Bluff Creek, California. A
      half century later, the question of Bigfoot's existence remains open. Bigfoot
      is still sought, the pursuit kept alive by a steady stream of sightings,
      occasional photos or footprint finds, and sporadic media coverage. But what
      evidence has been gathered over the course of fifty years? And what
      conclusions can we draw from that evidence? Most Bigfoot investigators favor
      one theory of Bigfoot's origin or existence and stake their reputations on
      it, sniping at others who don't share their views. Many times, what one
      investigator sees as clear evidence of Bigfoot another will dismiss out of
      hand. In July 2000, curious tracks were found on the Lower Hoh Indian
      Reservation in Washington state. Bigfoot tracker Cliff Crook claimed that the
      footprints were "for sure a Bigfoot," though Jeffrey Meldrum, an associate
      professor of biological sciences at Idaho State University (and member of the
      Bigfoot Field Research Organization, BFRO) decided that there was not enough
      evidence to pursue the matter (Big Disagreement Afoot 2000). A set of tracks
      found in Oregon's Blue Mountains have also been the source of controversy
      within the community. Grover Krantz maintains that they constitute among the
      best evidence for Bigfoot, yet longtime researcher Rene Dahinden claimed that
      "any village idiot can see [they] are fake, one hundred percent fake"
      (Dennett 1994). And while many Bigfoot researchers stand by the famous 16 mm
      Patterson film (showing a large manlike creature crossing a clearing) as
      genuine (including Dahinden, who shared the film's copyright), others
      including Crook join skeptics in calling it a hoax. In 1999, Crook found what
      he claims is evidence in the film of a bell-shaped fastener on the hip of the
      alleged Bigfoot, evidence that he suggests may be holding the ape costume in
      place (Dahinden claimed the object is matted feces) (Hubbell 1999).
      Regardless of which theories researchers subscribe to, the question of
      Bigfoot's existence comes down to evidence- and there is plenty of it.
      Indeed, there are reams of documents about Bigfoot-filing cabinets
      overflowing with thousands of sighting reports, analyses, and theories.
      Photographs have been taken of everything from the alleged creature to odd
      tracks left in snow to twisted branches. Collections exist of dozens or
      hundreds of footprint casts from all over North America. There is indeed no
      shortage of evidence. The important criterion, however, is not the quantity
      of the evidence, but the quality of it. Lots of poor quality evidence does
      not add up to strong evidence, just as many cups of weak coffee cannot be
      combined into a strong cup of coffee. Bigfoot evidence can be broken down
      into four general types: eyewitness sightings, footprints, recordings, and
      somatic samples (hair, blood, etc.). Some researchers (notably Loren Coleman
      1999) also place substantial emphasis on folklore and indigenous legends. The
      theories and controversies within each category are too complex and detailed
      to go into here. I present merely a brief overview and short discussion of
      each; anyone interested in the details is encouraged to look further.

      1. Eyewitness Accounts

      Eyewitness accounts and anecdotes comprise the bulk of Bigfoot evidence. This
      sort of evidence is also the weakest. Lawyers, judges, and psychologists are
      well aware that eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable. As Ben
      Roesch, editor of The Cryptozoological Review, noted in an article in Fortean
      Times, "Cryptozoology is based largely on anecdotal evidence. . . . [W]hile
      physical phenomena can be tested and systematically evaluated by science,
      anecdotes cannot, as they are neither physical nor regulated in content or
      form. Because of this, anecdotes are not reproducible, and are thus
      untestable; since they cannot be tested, they are not falsifiable and are not
      part of the scientific process. . . . Also, reports usually take place in
      uncontrolled settings and are made by untrained, varied observers. People are
      generally poor eyewitnesses, and can mistake known animals for supposed
      cryptids [unknown animals] or poorly recall details of their sighting. . . .
      Simply put, eyewitness testimony is poor evidence" (Roesch 2001).Bigfoot
      investigators acknowledge that lay eyewitnesses can be mistaken, but counter
      that expert testimony should be given much more weight. Consider Coleman's
      (1999) passage reflecting on expert eyewitness testimony: "[E]ven those
      scientists who have seen the creatures with their own eyes have been
      reluctant to come to terms with their observations in a scientific manner."
      As an example he gives the account of "mycologist Gary Samuels" and his brief
      sighting of a large primate in the forest of Guyana. The implication is that
      this exacting man of science accurately observed, recalled, and reported his
      experience. And he may have. But Samuels is a scientific expert on tiny fungi
      that grow on wood. His expertise is botany, not identifying large primates in
      poor conditions. Anyone, degreed or not, can be mistaken.

      Please View The Rest Of This Article At: http://www.worldofthestrange.com

      #2. Amazing Kreskin Killing Time Until UFOs Arrive by: Mike Weatherford -
      Review-Journal http://www.lvrj.com/

      Mentalist spending a few weeks at Silverton while waiting to see if his
      latest prediction comes true

      The Amazing Kreskin has an amazing explanation for why a mentalist of his
      self-proclaimed ability is slumming for five weeks at the Silverton.

      He's predicting a major UFO sighting in the Nevada desert by the end of June,
      and understandably wants to be close to the action.

      Kreskin is backing up his claim -- first made on a Fox News Channel morning
      show and detailed on the "Predictions" part of his amazingkreskin.com Web
      site -- with a $50,000 check. It goes to charity if "the largest sighting to
      date" doesn't occur by June's end.

      He's got to be sweating this one.

      If the prediction was a publicity stunt to drum up business for his shows
      through June 9, Kreskin looks to be giving away more than he stands to make
      from ticket sales, judging by Sunday's rows of empty chairs.

      Kreskin failed to predict that afternoon matinees at $14.25 would drain
      business for the evening show at $17.55.

      Please View The Rest Of This Article At: http://www.worldofthestrange.com

      #3. Should The Moon Be Developed? by: Jim Carlton - THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

      The Moon Society, a nonprofit organization of astronomers, computer
      programmers and other scientists, advocate 'large-scale industrialization and
      private enterprise' on the moon.

      Lunar golf courses, largescale industrialization under debate

      A dispute over prohibiting development on the moon is causing rising tides of
      controversy on earth.

      IN THE VANGUARD of one side is Rick Steiner, a fisheries professor at the
      University of Alaska and environmental activist, who proposes that the United
      Nations designate the moon one of its World Heritage Sites, reserved for
      peaceful and scientific purposes. Among the many who oppose that idea is the
      Moon Society, a nonprofit organization of astronomers, computer programmers
      and other scientists who advocate “large-scale industrialization and private
      enterprise” on the moon.

      Mr. Steiner plans to present his proposal Saturday at the International
      Space Development Conference in Denver. “The bottom line here is: Let’s go
      and explore our universe, but let’s not go as Genghis Khan,” he says. “Let’
      s go as Mother Teresa.”

      In an e-mail to Mr. Steiner about the conference, the Moon Society’s
      president, Gregory Bennett, said: “You’ll want to be prepared to explain why
      the moon (or perhaps any real estate in the universe) ought to be the
      province of an authoritarian socialist state.”

      Referring to the heavy contingent of conference attendees who are expected to
      favor the moon’s development, Mr. Bennett added this warning: “Better wear
      some thick armor.”

      Mr. Steiner outlined his proposal a few weeks ago to National Park Service
      officials. They sent him an e-mail questioning how an entire celestial body
      could be legally sealed off.

      They also questioned whether current international law would allow such an
      action, given that the World Heritage Convention signed by the U.S. and many
      other countries in 1973 specifically calls for protected World Heritage Sites
      on Earth. (There are currently 721 World Heritage Sites, including 20 in the

      Mr. Steiner responds it would be much the same as when the U.S. and several
      dozen other nations declared Antarctica essentially off limits to all but
      peaceful scientific research in a 1959 treaty. As a result, he adds,
      Antarctica is the only continent that has largely been left in its pristine

      Please View The Rest Of This Article At: http://www.worldofthestrange.com

      #4. The Soldier, A True Dream by: Darleen DreamerSpirit@...
      Submitted by: Billie Brinkley bbrink@...

      Friends are gifts! This I believe. March 2001 a friend and I visited with
      some "new" friends of the last six years, in Mississippi. (Old friends are
      those you have known for ten years or more!). Joe had recently retired and
      built their retirement house. A grand one I must say! He had retired after
      many years working and living in the same area. Bonnie, his wife, was kept
      busy with decorating and their grandchildren. Joe had done much of the
      landscaping himself and he and Bonnie were looking forward to the produce
      they would grow from their recently planted garden.

      My friend and I enjoyed several days with the couple and their family. My
      friend was married to Joe's brother. He had died several years before our
      visit and they are still close. We enjoyed "chilling out" with them and the
      beautiful Mississippi area. It has a rich history in the early settlement of

      Bonnie had decorated the guest room in the typical "Old South" style.
      Magnolias adorned the doorways and draped the paintings. The aura of living
      in the age of days gone by surrounded us. An era of slower living and peace.
      Wildlife coexists there with mortals. Deer come into the yards to feed on the
      plants and often the gardens! Wolves are heard at night. Giant
      hawks float on the gentle breezes looking for their dinner. Birds of many
      species are everywhere. The tall pines offer homes to many animals.

      The first night there in the guest room found me awaken several times by a
      strange feeling of being watched. Attributing it to the excitement of
      fellowship, I drifted back to sleep.

      The next two nights were much the same. On the night before we were to leave
      in the morning, I was awaken by the disturbance of the air space around my
      bed. I felt a presence of something or someone in the room. The moon was
      bright in the room. Sitting up in bed, I saw standing about two feet inside
      the doorway into the hall, a figure of a man. There in a gray mist, was a
      soldier of times long ago. He was standing with his hands on his hips. His
      legs were spread wide apart and he was looking directly at me. His face
      stolid, yet kind. His curly black hair was unkempt. His round dark eyes were
      piercing. His eye brows bushy. On his head he wore an old wool hat. The brim
      crushed. He was unshaven. He wore a uniform of dusty gray. Boots were long
      and laced to his knees. At his waist a scabbard with a bayonet sword hung to
      his right hip. He smelled of smoke. I was not afraid. He never spoke a word.

      Please View The Rest Of This Article At: http://www.worldofthestrange.com

      #5. Falling 'Blue Snow?' A True Account As I remember it.. by: Posey Gilbert:

      It was the winter of 1953 I was two years old and living at 1404 Prospect
      Ave. In New York City.

      Mother had just went up stairs to pay Miss Lloyd our baby-sitter leaving me
      my older brother Chuck and my then baby brother Ralph under the charge of my
      older sister Theresa whom I was pissed with after just having lost a fight
      over the TV with Theresa I wanted to see cartoons she as usual wanted to see
      one of those damned boring ass Teenager Sock Hop Doo-Wop shows.

      Standing by the window looking out onto our darkening backyard I was
      mimicking as badly as I could the Doo-Wop songs coming from the TV thinking
      "She may see it but she won't enjoy it."

      Suddenly from the clear evening sky a turquoise glowing snow like substance
      began to drift down. It looked like tiny little balls of snow, not flakes
      but spheres, I have seen snow in this form since then but it did not glow and
      it melted as regular snow does. It vanished as it landed not melted but
      disappeared on contact with the window sill.

      Amazed at this beautiful sight I forgot about the previous squabble and
      called Theresa and Chuck over to the window to see this beautiful sight. I
      thought that they would be as pleased as I was as seeing this wonderful
      thing. However this was not to be the case Chuck took one look at it and
      gasped "Oh no they are coming back! "

      He then went into a panic such as I have never seen him do before or after

      At this point is where I did something that confused me for many years
      afterward. Instead of looking to the backyard I looked to the darkening sky
      and asked Chuck "Who's coming back? " Chuck began to scream and repeat over
      and over "They are coming back!"

      I again looked to the sky and now back to Theresa and asked her "Who is
      coming back?"

      She said nothing but just turned pale and began to shake and strike Chuck in
      attempt to snap him out of it. When this did not work she raced out into the
      hall way and called upstairs to my mother. By the time my mother came
      downstairs the glowing blue green substance had stopped falling and now just
      regular snow falling, as soon as it did Chuck snapped out of it. Another
      point of interest was that this was the first snow storm that I remember
      experiencing that thunder and lightening involved in.

      My mother seemed to think it was the thunder and lightening that had so
      frightened Chuck. So when I told her about the glowing snow she just said it
      was the lightening that made it glow. This coming from my mother was accepted
      as being the reason the snow was glowing, in my child's logic I thought she
      meant that somehow the lightening had gotten frozen inside the little balls
      of snow and that is why they glowed. I thought no more about it after that.

      Eventually as time passed this incident faded from the forefront of my
      thoughts and gradually I began to wonder if that had been a real event or had
      it just been a remnant of a half remembered childhood dream.

      Thirty years later as I was skimming through a Fate magazine I came across an
      article talking about the fall of blue snow. I immediately was bought back to
      my standing at the screened window of 1404 looking out at the falling blue

      Please View The Rest Of This Article At: http://www.worldofthestrange.com

      #6. The Pleading Ghost -From Strange Tales of Mystery and Imagination Mini
      Mag put together by Alex Hamer

      On a rainy September evening in 1950, one of the strangest ghost stories of
      all time ended in a revelation so terrifying that it
      led to a radical rethinking of the burial laws in many European countries.

      On that blustery night, Dr. Guiseppi Stoppolini, a professor of clinical
      psychology in Camerino, Italy was conducting n informal
      class for students of the occult.

      Stoppolini, a pragmatic, businesslike man whose field of study was
      emotionally disturbed children, had no personal interest in
      the occult. He considered it, in his own words, "stuff and nonsense." It
      was, he said, a "pseudo-study of the undisciplined
      mind." However, Stoppolini, small, portly and vain, was very interested in
      students of the occult themselves.

      He said to a friend: "These occultist are highly disturbed people, both
      emotionally and mentally. By studying them, I can learn
      something that will be of real value to me in my own practice."

      On September 3, 1950, Stoppolini introduced a medium named Maria Bocca to a
      group of 20 occult enthusiasts gathered in his home on the Via Palermo.
      Bocca was then in her early 60's, an overweight, motherly-looking woman who
      had gained an excellent reputation among spiritualists as an effective medium
      and psychic.

      After the introductions were made, Bocca sat in the middle of the room and
      seemed to go into a trace. For the best part of an
      hour, she spoke in the quite recognizable voices of dead men and women known
      only to those in the little audience.

      Writing in his diary later about the session, Stoppolini recalled: "I felt
      during that first hour that this woman was a charlatan, but a clever and
      skillful one. As she went through her 'act.' I studied the faces of the
      people around her, noting the reactions. They were enthralled, willing to
      accept anything - in whatever tongue - that came out of this woman's mouth.

      "I thought: 'The weaker mind can be molded by the stronger, the gullible be
      made, no, compelled, to believe anything that a more dominant intellect
      dictates.'" But Stoppolini admitted to being "startled" later in the session
      towards the end of the seance. "At around 10 in the evening, as the session
      was drawing to it's close, Mrs. Bocca spoke in a strange voice that none of
      us had so far heard," he said.

      "The medium spoke in the soft, pleasing tones of a young woman, a voice very
      unlike her own which was high pitched and rather harsh to the ear.

      "The voice that came from Signora Bocca's mouth, begged us to 'have mercy.'
      Then it pleaded, 'Listen to me...Oh, please listen to me...'"

      "Being the leader of this group, I felt I had no alternative but to play out
      this charade to its end. But I still very much doubted the integrity of my
      guest. I sighed, out of impatience and embarrassment, you understand, and
      the called out in what I felt was
      my best occult-sounding voice: 'Speak, deceased one! We are all listening to

      Stoppolini waited for the response. The "voice" which came from the medium's
      lips was quite clear.

      I was born Rosa Manichelli on July first, 1900. When I died, I was Rosa
      Spadoni, though my husband had died by then too. Tonight we both lie in the
      cemetery at Castel-Raimondo, north of Camerino.

      Stoppolini, who later revealed that he was "highly amused" and "deeply
      impressed" by Signora Bocca's "conjuring tricks," said: "All of us present
      know the cemetery, oh dead one. But please tell us why you come here to seek
      our assistance.

      I am long beyond help, doctor. I ask only that you now help others, to save
      them from the fate that befell me.

      Intrigued, despite himself, Stoppolini asked: "And what was that fate,

      Two days after my death...the death certificate was signed, I was taken to
      Castel-Raimondo in a deep coma. I was placed in the earth...and buried

      Please View The Rest Of This Article At: http://www.worldofthestrange.com

      #7. June Website Of Excellence "AlienZoo" http://www.alienzoo.com

      (Editor's Notation: If You Have A Website you would like to see get our AWARD
      Please Send your selections to Shnsassy1@...)

      Here you will find a treat of offerings from this fantastic website..
      There are featured articles from such authors as Jim Marrs, Steve Bassett,
      Matt DeBow and Dennis Balthaser and the list goes on.

      Also there is a very fine selection of Audio and videos that you can view
      directly online (please give time for uploading - better viewed and listened
      with higher speed access)

      Below is an article written by Nick Redfern for AlienZoo..I hope that you
      will enjoy it as much as I have...

      PSYCHIC SPYING Written By: Nick Redfern

      On 11 November 2001 the British Sunday Times newspaper revealed that the
      Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had approached a U.S. company called
      Transdimensional Systems with a view to predicting likely targets of future
      terrorist attacks in the wake of the World Trade Center assaults. There is
      nothing strange about that you might think; except for the fact, however,
      that Transdimensional Systems employs the use of people with psychic
      abilities to make its predictions. Officially, the FBI – and the CIA – have
      refused to comment on or confirm these allegations, but have conceded that
      investigators have been told to “think out of the box.”

      As incredible as it may seem, the intelligence agencies of both the USA and
      the former Soviet Union have – at various times in the last five decades –
      employed the use of psychics as a means of gathering espionage-related
      information. In official circles such people are known as remote-viewers. And
      whilst the research and studies into this field have until now largely taken
      place behind the closed doors of the Pentagon and the Kremlin, the real-life
      X-Files of the American and Russian Governments on this controversial subject
      are about to be revealed in a startling new book. Published by Vision
      Paperbacks, Remote Viewing by author Tim Rifat tells the full story of the
      world’s psychic 007’s.

      According to the publicity for the book: “…Remote viewing is the ability to
      travel out of one’s body to remote locations. Here, for the first time,
      scientist Tim Rifat reveals how the world’s superpowers have used it for the
      last 50 years to spy on each other…and us. At the height of the cold war, the
      Soviet Union and, later, the United States developed a new and terrible form
      of psychic warfare called psychotronics. This school of espionage included
      remote viewing, ESP and psychic spying, telepathic hypnosis and even remote
      killing. Remote Viewing not only charts the history of psychotronics but,
      using previously classified US government documents, reveals specific
      incidents in which it has been used…”

      Controversial words. But how much of the above can be substantiated?
      Astonishingly, a great deal of it.

      “My interest in this subject started when I left university,” Rifat tells
      us. “I thought that the mechanistic view of science seemed to be missing out
      on something and I wanted to develop a physics of the paranormal. So, from my
      twenties, I looked deeply into the occult; and then got interested in and
      learned about the military interest in remote viewing.

      Rifat expands further: “To me, there are two crossroads in human
      civilization: One is the development of atomic weapons and the other is the
      development of bio-energetic weapons that can target the mind and this leads
      on from the remote-viewing and spying begun by the Russians and later the
      Americans. My book is the first time that psychic warfare has been described
      in detail, the science of psychic warfare has been explained and could be
      seen as the first military textbook on the subject.”

      Please View The Rest Of This Article At: http://www.worldofthestrange.com

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