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Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli

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  • Susan
    http://www.serpo.org/intro.php This site is intended to facilitate the gradual release of confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 23, 2008
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      This site is intended to facilitate the gradual release of
      confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of
      twelve US military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli,
      between the years 1965-78.


      The purpose of this site

      This site is not authored by anyone with direct access to confidential
      information. Rather, its purpose is to present to the public
      information that has been released, and to examine that information in
      a clear, balanced and intelligent light.

      The background of the information

      The information began to be released on 2 November 2005 by a retired
      senior official within the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) who
      calls himself "Anonymous". Until he chooses to make his name known,
      this is the way he will be represented here. Anonymous reports that he
      is not acting individually and is part of a group of six DIA personnel
      working together as an alliance: three current and three former
      employees. He is their chief spokesman.

      Up to and including 21 December, the information was released in
      installments on a private UFO e-mail list moderated by Victor
      Martinez. The list at that time contained about a hundred and fifty
      people, including many extremely well-known names in UFO research and
      related or leading edge scientific fields. Until permissions are
      granted, their names will be withheld out of courtesy and to respect

      Those on the list have differing views regarding the veracity of
      Anonymous' claims. However, the pedigree of the list as a whole is
      important to emphasize. There has been a substantial amount of
      intelligent discussion about the revelations, and it is important to
      state that there are many senior people in the US Intelligence and
      Military community who are taking this information very seriously. It
      may now be time to release this information to a wider audience, in
      close approximation to the format in which it was originally made

      After 21 December, there was a long gap in the postings and many
      concluded that Anonymous had gone to ground or stopped his disclosures
      completely. There was no communication from him of any kind. Finally,
      on 24 January, information was received by Bill Ryan, the author of
      this website, which was not initially sent to Victor Martinez.
      Subsequent information was also received by Bill Ryan and posted to
      this website accordingly.

      When sending information to Victor Martinez, Anonymous wrote 85% of
      the material; another 13% came from another source directly connected
      with the project; and the final 1-2% came from a "ghost," who canceled
      his e-mail account as soon as he sent his information. It is not yet
      known whether this pattern will continue.

      I thought this might be of interest to all of you. Again, the website
      is: http://www.serpo.org/intro.php

      Moderator, sftt2
    • antigray@cs.com
      Hi Susan, I exposed Victor Martinez over a year ago as a disinformationalist who is spreading lies like SERPO to disrupt the UFO community and several
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 24, 2008
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        Hi Susan,
        I exposed Victor Martinez over a year ago as a disinformationalist who is
        spreading lies like SERPO to disrupt the UFO community and several physicists who
        are employed by the USG working on advanced propulsion systems. The whole
        SERPO story is BS as you will see from Martinez' own admissions below. Martinez
        continually interjects communist agitprop into Yahoo groups and an open email
        list used by Dr. Jack Sarfatti and other physicists to cause chaos. I've
        exchanged dozens of Emails with Victor Martinez to head off his continual
        disruptions. This is one of his typical disruptive posts and my answer to him, followed
        by the other Emails where he is exposed:

        Subj: Re: BREAKING NEWS! U.S. launches air strikes against Al-Qaeda in
        Date: 1/9/2007 12:19:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
        From: ANTIGRAY
        To: VictorGM@...
        CC: sarfatti@...

        Hi Victor,
        I see you are revealing more of your true colors, pink and rainbow. You are
        adding your own headlines to that article and they are written like a flaming
        You Wrote:

        I guess that explains where the term flaming came from in regards to nasty
        bitchy message posting on the Internet. I bet you were real popular when you
        were arrested during the time you spent in the Booty House. I also noticed that
        you trimmed this statement out of the original article:
        Fast Facts
        Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf told journalists in the capital, Mogadishu,
        that the U.S. "has a right to bombard terrorist suspects who attacked its
        embassies in Kenya and Tanzania."

        And you added this statement yourself that was NOT in the article:
        The AC-130 gunship is capable of firing thousands of rounds per second,
        STRIKE, but there is as yet, no confirmation of the identities.

        That statement is dead wrong and shows you have no knowledge of what the
        AC-130 can do, so you make up lies. It cannot fire thousands of rounds per second.
        It is only capable of firing hundreds of rounds per second.

        two M61 20mm Vulcan cannons
        with 3,000 rounds
        (6,000 rounds per minute)
        one L60 40mm Bofors cannon
        with 256 rounds
        one M102 105mm howitzer
        with 100 rounds
        One 25mm GAU-12 Gatling gun
        (1,800 rounds per minute)
        one L60 40mm Bofors cannon
        (100 shots per minute)
        one M102 105mm cannon
        (6-10 rounds per minute)

        Do the math. 6,000 rounds per minute = 100 rounds per second on each of those
        two 20 MM Vulcan guns. If they are firing the Vulcans and everything else
        simultaneously, they can put out around 260 rounds per second, not thousands.

        Victor, with the exposure of your lying commentary, your inclusion of fake
        headlines, and your censorship of key information from articles you post, you
        have lost every last shred of credibility. You have gone from being a useful
        idiot of the commies to a useless idiot. Lenin is turning over in his grave.
        He sent me this Email after I had exposed him and his buddy Dennis Myrtzyk as
        marijuana advocates and known communist agitators (from police records) who
        were endlessly badgering Dr. Sarfatti:

        Subj: Re: Wikipedia, The USA Patriot Act and Sarfatti's BAD PHYSICS ideas!
        Date: 10/16/2005 3:12:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time
        From: ANTIGRAY
        To: victorgm@...
        CC: sarfatti@..., christenw27@..., scott6600@...,
        Ledaswan@..., planetaryfreedomfighter@...,
        Right-click picture(s) to display picture options

        Hi Victor,
        Thanks for the invite but I don't do drugs. Did you know that long-term
        marijuana use changes your brain chemistry and makes you psychotic and
        Check it out man:



        Look what it did to Charles Manson. Scroll down.

        As if that isn't bad enough, you could go to jail for possession and bad
        things really start to happen. Check it out:
        Going to prison soon? Wondering what it will be like? Or perhaps it's just
        time for a new nickname? Well, you've come to the right place! Simply enter your
        first and last name in the form below and click Submit. And remember... DON'T
        DROP THE SOAP http://www.prisonbitchname.com/


        In a message dated 10/16/2005 2:15:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
        victorgm@... writes:
        Subj: Wikipedia, The USA Patriot Act and Sarfatti's BAD PHYSICS ideas!
        Date:10/16/2005 2:15:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time
        CC:ANTIGRAY@..., christenw27@..., scott6600@...,
        Ledaswan@..., planetaryfreedomfighter@...
        Received from Internet:

        OK, ART:

        You got me there! Correct: I am NOT a teacher, I dropped out of high
        school in the 10th grade, have a tested IQ of 91, and Dennis and I get
        "high" ALL of the time from our little home-grown garden of weed.

        Why don't you and the Doc join us some time so we can all get high as
        kites?! –

        Subject: Re: Wikipedia, The USA Patriot Act and Sarfatti's BAD PHYSICS
        Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 22:00:16 -0700
        To: antigray <ANTIGRAY@...>, Victor Martinez <victorgm@...>
        Cc: Victor Martinez <victorgm@...>
        From: Jack Sarfatti <sarfatti@...>
        Subject: Fwd: Wikimedia &Patriot Act
        Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 12:40:02 -0700
        To: Keay Davidson <KDavidson@...>

        Martinez is a piece of you know what stinking up the hood. He knows no
        physics at all.

        On Oct 15, 2005, at 9:21 PM, ANTIGRAY@... wrote:

        Hi Victor,
        Naw, no need to turn you into the FBI. You are just one of the
        Islamofascist's Useful Idiots. You are pretty harmless. You are no threat to Dr. Sarfatti's
        work because you do not have enough knowledge of physics to understand it in
        the first place to be able to refute any of it. You never did state your
        curriculum vitae when I asked you for it. Is it because you are ashamed that you
        flunked out of high school and are not really a teacher as you claim? From
        everything I've read that you have written you don't seem very well educated. Do you
        do a lot of grass like your buddy Dennis Myrtzyk? It makes you stupid. Why do
        you think they call it dope? Hahahahah. So, what college did you go to and
        where do you teach school?

        In a message dated 10/15/2005 7:54:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
        victorgm@... writes:
        Subj: Wikipedia, The USA Patriot Act and Sarfatti's BAD PHYSICS ideas!
        Date:10/15/2005 7:54:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
        CC:KDavidson@..., AntiGray@...
        Received from Internet:

        Hey, ART:

        I'm one of the Islamofascists who's tried to sabotage the Doc's crackpot
        theories; can you submit my name to the FBI,... I have a shit load of
        stuff to tell them about Sarfatti's BAD PHYSICS ideas!

        Bring it on! –
        And then the Serpo expose:
        I heard back from Victor Martinez and answered him. I think you will find
        this interesting.

        Subj: Re: The Truth about SERPO / The likely source for the SERPO story
        Date: 3/19/2006 1:34:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
        From: ANTIGRAY
        To: victorgm@...
        CC: Sarfatti@..., Figaro@..., GKnapp@...,
        Astroxplorer@..., BarbVanderhoof@..., Contact@...,
        RPJMartin1971@..., skepticoverlord@...,

        Hi Victor,
        Thanks for your response. I do have some questions for you since you seem to
        be in a relaxed talkative mood. Please explain how a commie doper activist
        such as yourself can be given classified information by a supposed Intel agency
        or Intel agency ex-employee and given the job of spreading disinformation?
        Doesn't anyone do background checks or drug testing anymore before they hire
        disinfo agents? Sheesh. You'd think they'd release the SERPO information to
        credible journalists like Bob Woodward if they wanted the public to believe it. Let's
        hear the whole story on how you became the official mouthpiece to get the
        news out, since you are not a credible journalist, scientist, etc., what gives?
        Journalists like Woodward, Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, have very large audiences
        and they would be eager to reveal news of something like SERPO if it was true,
        even if the source was anonymous. Woodward did it previously with his anonymous
        source, "Deep Throat." So, why would someone use you as a "Deep Throat?" (I
        know there is an obvious joke in there but I will resist the temptation.)
        You have no audience or credibility. What's up with that? Don't they want the
        story to be believed?

        If Scott Littleton was calling me a neo-Nazi agitator on an open list, I did
        not answer it because I never saw it. Send me a copy of it if you have it.
        Maybe he is still mad at me because I exposed his clever use of half truths.
        I think it is hilarious that Barnes &Noble and Borders have misclassified my
        book as science fiction. It could explain why it is selling so well there. My
        publisher has my book classified under "history" because most of the
        information about what our alien Repto Sapien cousins have done to us in the past is of
        a historical nature. I was just thinking about having my publisher contact B &
        N and Borders to change the classification but I have a feeling they
        misclassified it on purpose as a business decision because they needed sci-fi titles
        to sell which would make them a lot more money on volume. It could also explain
        why I was approached by a major movie studio to do a screenplay from my book
        because they are interested in making a movie out of it. I am collaborating
        with Kim Schwartz, an experienced studio screenplay writer right now to do the
        screenplay. Sci-fi movies are the biggest blockbusters. This is really weird.
        Now what would really be funny is if you become a whistleblower and tell the
        bookstores and movie studio that my book is not sci-fi, it is all real!!!
        Hahahaha. Too funny. I might send you a free copy of the book for the added

        In a message dated 3/19/2006 11:40:47 AM Eastern Standard Time,
        victorgm@... writes:
        Subj: The Truth about SERPO / The likely source for the SERPO story
        Date:3/19/2006 11:40:47 AM Eastern Standard Time
        To:Antigray@..., Sarfatti@...
        CC:Figaro@..., GKnapp@..., Astroxplorer@...,
        BarbVanderhoof@..., Contact@..., RPJMartin1971@...
        Received from Internet:

        Hey, ART:

        1) "Project SERPO" story a hoax? Not according to the attached e-mail.

        From Art: The attached email doesn't prove it is real either.

        2) Also, if I remember correctly, Jack Sarfatti's friend, Professor
        Emeritus, C Scott Littleton at Occidental University really put YOU in
        your place as a neo-Nazi agitator on an open list,... remember that,
        Art, for which you had NO comeback!

        3) Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go light up with some of that
        special weed I just love so much!
        NOTE TO EVERYONE: While Art Greenfield promotes his book as NONfiction,
        it's VERY IMPORTANT to note that it's officially listed by both Barnes &
        Noble and Border's Books as:

        "SF/FANTASY, Science Fiction" with a sales rank of 597,194!
        Art Greenfield
        Publisher's site for my book:



        WARNING reveals a frightening alien agenda, a long-term program of
        social domination and periodic controlled genocide. Mankind is now in
        great danger. We have a terrible problem to overcome. Resolution
        requires international solidarity, then forcible negotiation with the

        Copy of Book Cover:


        "Warning" by Art Greenfield
        ISBN: 1-59113-358-0
        Copyright © 2005 by Art Greenfield
        All rights reserved
        Orders placed through the major book stores may take longer-
        Barnes & Noble:




        Amazon.com Germany:


        The paperback version is also available through these UK bookstores in



        From: Victor Martinez <victorgm@...>
        Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 22:48:51 -0800
        To: Larry Dicken <dickenl@...>
        Cc: <jerrypippin@...>, <Contact@...>
        Subject: RE: The likely source for the SERPO story

        WOW! Brilliant piece! OUTstanding!

        From: Larry Dicken <dickenl@...>
        Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 01:39:00 -0500
        To: <jerrypippin@...>, 'Victor Martinez' <victorgm@...>
        Cc: Bill Hamilton <Astroxplorer@...>
        Subject: RE: The likely source for the SERPO story

        Actually, in my research, conducted right after the message from the
        supposed ex-Whitehall employee turned up back in January, I determined
        who this woman was. She was, before turning to full time writing, an
        MI-6 not CIA agent, whose husband remained an MI-6 agent long after she
        "retired." She was a famous English SCI-FI writer with a man's pen name

        (James Tiptree, Jr.), which was not unusual at the time (SCI-FI authors
        were real men - no ladies allowed).

        It makes good common sense that Alice Sheldon could have penned the core of
        the Serpo Story, which, as such, was given to her husband to use in the cold
        war spy shock games, as the person posting on the ATS forum
        from England stated. I think her creation might have born some
        resemblance to the SERPO story, but I would guess that she only wrote
        the equivalent of a 10-20 page short story, not a 3000 page log
        transcription. Spy and politicians aren't interested in trilogy novels,
        only short summary reports.

        Also, by the time this story might have been laying on a desk in MI-6 in
        1969 or 70, the real hay-day of cold war spying was over, and Alice
        Sheldon was well on her way to being a prolific writer, not likely to
        have much time or desire to do much spy-writing for her hubby. And, she
        would only have written part of the story about the crew of 12 leaving
        for Serpo in 1965 and perhaps her idea of what they would encounter
        there. But, she could not have anticipated the trip home which did not
        occur until 1978 or what might have happened up to 1969 or 70 when this
        report was purportedly seen at Whitehall.

        A common sense explanation, unsupported by vetted witnesses and
        verifiable documents, should not be accepted as the truth. It is only an
        interesting theory.

        The premise that maybe the story, in full or part, appears in one of her
        books has to date not been shown to be true, and until someone examines
        every one of her books written from 1969 forward, I think there is no
        evidence that the "Anonymous" Whitehall employee is correct in his
        statements, as no other written material ascribed to Sheldon relating to
        the SERPO story has been uncovered and presented.

        It is quite equally possible that, because Alice Sheldon was a very well
        know SCI-FI writer from England, this person who posted on ATS created
        himself a plausible but fabricated story to try to prove that Project
        Crystal Knight was a cold war spy ploy. One can easily assume that this
        person is either planting a story under orders from the DIA, CIA or
        whoever or is just another forum based private citizen seeking
        attention. I go with the latter as being the explanation.

        Again, we are dealing with hearsay. This ATS poster has no document in
        hand, or any witness other than himself to prove that this "CIA" report
        ever was seen at Whitehall. And, who ever said this was a CIA report?
        Actually, it is purportedly, according to the SERPO "Anonymous" being
        transcribed from DIA transcripts of debriefing tapes, all still stored
        at DIA headquarters.

        If you wanted to play spy games with the Russians the CIA or DIA would
        likely have planted the little story using a willing American SCI-FI
        writer to create it. Let's see if someone can find this man or woman
        here in the US and produce the original manuscript and present it to the
        armchair skeptics who are still trying to disprove the SERPO story with
        theory, hearsay and character assassination.

        The armchair skeptics don't really know whose character to attack. There
        are only messengers for SERPO and no actual witnesses or experiencers of
        the SERPO trip reality to attack. How frustrating it is for the
        skeptics. Maybe that is the brilliance of this disclosure plan.

        I personally am not convinced by the current evidence that the story
        presented so far is totally the truth, but the real true story seems to
        be there in the haze somewhere. I intend to keep looking and analyzing
        instead of quickly stating an negative opinion and parroting the
        unsubstantiated opinions of others.

        Larry Dicken
        Web Site and Executive Producer
        The Jerry Pippin Show

        <Continued in next post>

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