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the Reality of Consciousness

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  • stealthskaters
    The general public was unaware of Area-51 until Bob Lazar came forth in late-1987 claiming that he was part of a back-engineering effort on retrieved alien
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2007
      The general public was unaware of Area-51 until Bob Lazar came forth
      late-1987 claiming that he was part of a back-engineering effort on
      retrieved alien craft at a site called "Papoose Site-4". It was on the
      side of the Papoose mountain range that adjoined something called
      "Area-51". The latter was built on the Groom dry lake bed initially to
      serve as a test strip for the U-2 spyplane. It has since evolved, of
      course. (Note that it adjoins Nellis AFB as well as the old AEC's
      Mercury atomic test site. How convenient.)

      Soon stories came out about Lazar's background that led doubt to his
      whistleblowing. We are led to believe that the Federal Government was
      behind this. Most of it was about Lazar's lying about his educational
      credentials. Some of it involved his helping a Nevada brothel madam
      computerize her record-keeping.

      They later found that Lazar was more of a nuclear lab technician
      working at the Meson Particle Facility at Los Alamos. He was employed
      by one of the contracting agencies. Supposedly he was fired because he
      was spending too much of his work time and the facilities resources on
      his personal projects (e.g., the jet engine he attached to a Honda

      But the attacks on his personal life overshadowed these engineering
      accomplishments. And led most "mainstreamers" to discredit anything
      Lazar ever said. The jury is still out as to whether Lazar was a
      private whistleblower or a most clever disinfo counter-intel agent
      employed by the government. Nobody can find much on his early life.
      The records simply don't exist where they should.
      ( http://www.stealthskater.com/Lazar.htm )

      The point being (to give Lazar the benefit of the doubt) is that
      tend to discredit incredible stories if they can find any flaw in the
      character of the proponent. Perhaps it's human nature, I don't know.

      In the early 1980s, the Government announced plans to shut down the
      SAGE radar system at Montauk Point on Long Island, NY. It was no
      needed for air defense purposes. Especially with modern satellites.

      Also slated to be shut down were the batteries of Nike Zeus and Sprint
      missiles designed to intercept incoming ICBMs. The SAGE radar scanned
      the incoming bogies and cued the missiles' tracking radar systems. I
      think these were stationed at the large Plattsburgh AFB which also
      housed ICBMs in underground silos. Defense strategies found that it
      was more advantageous to guard our nuclear weapons with the scarce
      anti-ICBM missiles than to guard civilian population centers. In
      accordance with the "MAD" doctine (which works only if the enemy is

      Lo and behold! For some reason, unknown (but obviously powerful)
      parties petitioned that the Montauk SAGE radar be kept operational
      for a
      few more years. I remember reading about that in AW&ST when I still
      subsribed to it. Why? Nobody knows. They didn't need it for detecting
      incoming ICBMS or bombers. And the anti-ICBM missiles were shut down.

      Montauk was finally shut down. And then a few years later (ca. 1990),
      stories of the Montauk Project starting coming out. As with Lazar,
      these alleged whistleblowing tales originated with one individual —
      Preston Nichols. A radar engineer with Eaton-AIL who supposedly led a
      double life. ( http://www.stealthskater.com/PX.htm )

      There was an Al Bielek that later was prominent in the MP legends. And
      "Peter Moon" (Vince Burbarick) chronicled these stories and led to the
      founding of Sky Books Publishers. Every now and then someone else
      claims to have been part of the Project (e.g., Stewart Swedlow, Bob

      As with Lazar, self-appinted inestigators found all sorts of problems
      with the personal lives of Nichols and Bielek (in particular). As well
      as other things concerning times and places. Leading the
      "mainstreamers" to dismiss anything that the proponents ever said.

      In the late-1980s, NASA announced its "Breakthrough Propulsion Project
      (BPP)". The public was led to believe that a radical quantum leap had
      been found that would eliminate conventional propulsion technologies.

      Apparently it didn't pan out. Now when one reads about the BPP, it
      seems so "watered down" that one wonders how it could have been
      a "quantum leap" in the first place. Or maybe this was done on

      Lazar claimed that the secret to the alien crafts' performance was in
      new element called "Element-115". Although modern particle
      have created Elements 114 and 118, there is debate over whether
      incredible substance existed as Element-115 or was a "super atom" of
      some sort. Not necessarily a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC). Perhaps
      something along the lines of the eually-mythical ORMEs/ORMUS
      (http://www.stealthskater.com/ORMEs.htm ). (Of course, this is
      that Lazar's story was factual in the first place.)

      Keep track of the timelines in all of these. I'm going to make a case

      In the mid-1990s, stories were circulating about Dean Kamen's
      (labeled "IT" and "Ginger", by default). Alleged insider witnesses
      implied that it was fantastic transportation device bordering on the
      unbelievable. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Kamen and

      Then a few years later, all we see from Kamen is an "ordinary"
      Certainly far short of the "fantastic" and "unbelievable". Yet I
      recall flipping through tv channels while half-asleep and seeing a
      trip through some woods by what must have been a camcorder mounted on
      some craft. It was dense woods too. It was a constant speed with lots
      of manuvering. Reminded me of "Return of the Jedi" except it was
      nothing of that breakneck speed. I missed the first part of the
      program. I could be wrong ... but it seems to me that it looked
      something like a "cherry picker" or that type of craft that has been
      photographed in the Gulf Breeze sightings. I recall the commentator
      saying that it was to be mobile observation post for combat

      The mass sighting of UFOs started after the first atomic tests in the
      mid-1940s. They lingered until the worldwide moratorium on all nuke
      tests in the late-1980s. (Keep track of all these dates, now!) In
      1995, I saw a tv documentary narrated by none other than Leonard Nimoy
      ("Mr. Spock"). It was titled "Where Are All the UFOs?" It came across
      as a slap in the faces of all those who believed in UFOs. (I wondered
      how much they paid Nimoy to do that film!)

      There are no more UFOs today. Or at least not like they were in the
      1950s and 60s. They decreased as the number of nuke events decreased.
      Today you have modern holographic projection technologies
      (http://www.stealthskater.com/Military.htm#Holography ).

      (Most scientists admit that there is likely ET civilizations
      somewhere out in the Universe. But they regard the chances of them
      coming to planet Earth as very unlikely. Even if they had craft that
      could go faster-than-light, or use wormholes for shortcuts, or use
      Macroscopic quantum tunneling [a la UNITEL], they would still have to
      know the coordinates of a target destination [planet Earth]. How
      would they ever know we existed? Certainly not by conventional

      Joe McMoneagle ( http://www.stealthskater.com/PX.htm#McMoneagle )and
      others have said that remote-viewing produces more vivid images when
      viewing near powerful energy sources. In grasping at straws, I
      wondered if ETs could not be using remote-viewing for navigational
      [i.e., targetting] purposes. And our nuclear tests could be
      unwittingly serving as powerful beacons of a sort.)

      When I was researching the controverisal claims of Priore, Reich, and
      others regarding the healing effects of RF and ELF waves on human
      (http://www.stealthskater.com/Medical.htm ), I would sometimes come
      across references to the effects of atomic radiation. Tom Bearden
      (granted, a former military counter-ops which in itself raises some
      questions - http://www.stealthskater.com/Bearden.htm ) said that it is
      possible to eliminate radioacitivity in a matter of minutes as opposed
      to centuries of underground storage.

      And yet some of these article were impossible to find even though
      Google searches alerted me to them. Even the Internet Archives
      ("Wayback Machine") produced no results. I had often heard that parts
      of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki investigations were still labeled
      "Top-Secret" even after 50+ years. And these had nothing to do with
      physics or engineering of the weapons. It pertained to some
      (consciousness/reality ???) effects that for some reason are to remain

      The old AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) — nowadays the Department of
      Energy — is rumored to be "top dog" in UFO-related material. One
      owuld think it would be the NSA or CIA. Or certainly one of the
      military branches. What does atomic energy have to do with UFO

      Unlike the USA, Russia tends to believe eyewitness reports of UFOs.
      "Believe" meaning that "we believe that you are sincerely telling what
      you think you saw or experienced". Note that this doesn't necessarily
      mean that those authorities believe that it was an actual alien flying
      craft. But they believe in the sincerity of the eyewitnesses. They
      almost welcome the reports as if they are corroborating something.
      But maybe that is just my personal "take" on it.

      It has long been rumored that most governments (1) know what "UFOs"
      and (2) why&when "they" appear. It also seems that "they" constitute
      security threat or more would be allocated in defense budgets (even
      "black budgets" which can be estimated).

      Some people see them while others — even looking at the same time sat
      the same spot — do not. Explain that!

      Psychologists like Carl Jung thought "UFOs" were more of "mental"
      than "physical". Was the eyewitness hallucinating (and creating false
      images)? Or was it due to an enhanced mental condition that opened a
      "sixth" (or seventh) sense that let him/her perceive Reality as it
      really is?

      With superstring and Pitkanen's TGD theories, the U.S. Navy allocated
      contract to study the effects of Hyperdimensions on Human
      Consciousness (
      http://www.stealthskater.com/Documents/TGD_Geometry_1.doc ).
      That could be written off as another government "fleece" award.
      However, I tend to think it was something more.

      Our Universe is a sea of energy at its most fundamental level. What
      gives rise to "mass" is something hypothsized to be the Higgs boson.
      Also called the "God particle" for without it — enabling energy to
      "solidify" into matter — matter (and our physical selves) would not
      exist. The quest for confirmation of the Higgs particle has taken
      decades and may be resolved with the upgraded CERN accelerator.

      But what is Consciousness? Although discredited (like Lazar and
      Nichols) — and may be for good reasons — microbiologist Dan Burisch
      claims that he was also working at Papoose Site-4 on a separate
      involving alien biology (http://www.stealthskater.com/Burisch.htm ) .
      He purports to have discovered a "Ganesh particle" which is the "seed"
      that allows consciousness to take root in a physical body. Sort of
      a biological Higgs particle.

      Bursich went on to say that his studies seemed to indicate that
      "aliens" were not what we traditionally have thought. "They" were what
      we become in the Future. And "they" were travelling back in what we
      call "UFOs" (but what others — including German rocket pioneer Hermann
      Oberth referred to as "time machines") to repair damage done to
      timelines in the "Multiverse".

      Nichols maintained that tinkering with "time" (not the space-time we
      are familiar with in our 4D Universe) in the Montauk Project caused
      would appear to be irreparable damage to existing "timelines". Efforts
      were continuing to "contain" the damage until a solution (if possible)
      could be found.

      As far as I know, Nichols and Burisch have not comunicated with one
      another. Although detractors might say that the latter borrowed from
      the folk popular Montauk stories to add "credence" to his own tales.
      Concidence or on purpose? Who knows ...

      In the mid-1990s, former Air Force and NSA ELINT agent Dan Sherman
      reported to be part of a "Project Preserve Destiny" that was to allow
      human-"alien" communications to continue after an impending worldwide
      cataclysm (http://www.stealthskater.com/Sherman.htm ).

      Remote-viewers can reportedly "see" events up to a certain date
      (usually 2012) and then a few years afterwards. Their reports vary
      somewhat (as is the fundamental problem with remote-viewers). But they
      are consistent on one thing: None of them can see what happens at this
      "2012" time. Whatever it is, it seems to be inevitable.

      Sherman's ETs said they can't "go through time (4D space-time)". That
      is impossible. Rather they "evade it". I'm assuming that means they
      are accessing an already-established timeline in the Mutliverse.
      Something that inventor/remote-viewer Tom Skeggs proposes in his "Star
      Chamber" (http://www.stealthskater.com/PX.htm#StarChamber ).

      Instead of rocket propulsion or even "wormhole" travel, Tom suggests
      "choosing" a timeline (destination and time) that already exists in
      Multiverse). And then decohering the quantum wave (making it happen).
      Reminds me of the Spice navigators of "Dune" folding space to effect
      travel. Except in this case, time (including Past and Future) in
      included as a bonus.

      In 1988 (again, that date!), China was reported to have experimented
      with "time travel" technology. I think this has more to do with
      "Project Looking Glass"
      (http://www.stealthskater.com/UFO.htm#LookingGlass ) and the
      so-called "Montauk Project" than the H.G. Wells type we normally think

      In emails to me, Skeggs said that he visited Montauk to see how much
      corroborated with his remote-viewings from England
      (http://www.stealthskater.com/PX.htm#Skeggs ). I gather that he
      suspects Montauk's SAGE radar was used to send coded transmissions to
      CIA "moles". Drugs were used on ordinary citizens and then orders were
      implanted in their subsconsious. If and when a certain day came, coded
      transmissions from the powerful Montauk radar could 'turn on' these
      implanted orders.

      (Dr. John Quinn said that Colombine High School shooter Eric Davis's
      father was stationed at Plattsburgh AFB when Davis was a child.)

      Tom further said that if any "time" research was done, it would be
      likely at upstate Plattsburgh AFB (housing all the nuclear warheads)
      under the auspices of ROME Air Technology Center. He suspected that an
      abandoned ICBM silo would be an ideal container for Montauk-type

      There were reports of "dimensional bleedthroughs"
      (http://www.stealthskater.com/Bolt.htm#Bosoks ) by mainstream
      physicist Fred Alan Wolf. These were reported to higher-ups in the
      entertainment industry.

      Dr. Wolf ("Have Brains, Will Travel" @ $250/consulting-hour) is a
      good friend of UNITEL's Larry Maurer
      ( http://www.stealthskater.com/UNITEL.htm ). The latter said that he
      was witness to a UFO sighting that turned into what he claimed was a
      purposeful demonstration and insight.

      While our physical Macro world seems well-governed (the rules of
      General Relativity are supreme here), all sorts of crazy stuff happens
      inthe micro Quantum world (governed by Quantum Mechanics). Nobody
      understands QM. But its predictions are 100% accurate.

      For example, subatomic particles can overcome energy barriers by
      "quantum tunneling". George Gamow first proposed QT in the early
      (He later computed the cosmic microwave backgkround radiation that
      would have been left over by the "Big Bang" if the latter were true.
      the 1980s, the COBE satellite returned data that matched exactly what
      Gamow and his team predicted decades earlier.) UNITEL proposes
      to "fake
      out" Mother Nature by making a Macro-sized object appear to be quantum
      in nature and therefore allow tunneling (MQT) in the Macro Universe.

      Some said this is what inadvertently happened in the fabled
      "Philadelphia Experiment". All those static and rotating magnetic
      fields caused the ship to appear as a giant "fuzzy" electron and
      therefore governed by QM instead of GR. How consciousness was affected
      is an altogether different matter. That supposedly gave rise to the
      "Phoenix Project" which later (with Phoenix II and III) became
      collectively known as the "Montauk Project".

      Einstein was aware of the weird interactions between paired photons.
      Communications were instantaneous and not limited by the speed-of-
      He didn't like it, calling it "spooky action at a distance". However,
      it has been proven true although no one understands "nonlocality"
      traveling instanteoulsy and, therefore, faster-than-light).

      Ray Kramer proposed his own grand unification theory (i.e., uniting GR
      with QM — the "holy grail" of all physicists although it doesn't
      include theories of consciousness). It doesn't seem to require extra
      dimensions. He was a former electrical engineering professor at a Ohio
      college (Youngstown?).

      His son — famed missing person Philip Taylor Kramer — brought Ray
      to public light. The son solved the father's "Equation" accidentally
      after it had thwarted the latter for decades. It purports to allow
      instantaneous communication anywhere within the Universe. There have
      been rumors that actual biological teleportation would also be
      ( http://www.stealthskater.com/Science.htm#Kramer )

      It seems remarkable to me that many mainstream physicists are so well
      versed in the "alt sciences" of remote-viewing and quantum
      And I read where even Los Alamos has developed technolgies to "tag" an
      individual electron in an attempt to understand its wave function and
      "decohering" it (i.e., the act of "observation", thereby fixing its
      position). One is limited in the Macro world governed by GR. But it
      seems you can do anything in the quantum microcosm!

      Now to conclude all of this.

      It would be nice to say that "UFOs" are from another dimension.
      Perhaps those that exist in the superstring/M-brane theories (if they
      turn out to be correct, which they might not be a la Kramer's "The
      Equation" or Loop-Quantum Gravity). It would tie everything up in a
      nice near package. Machines that quantum tunnel from other dimensions,
      thus evading SOL restrictions.

      I have a gut feeling that it is not that "simple". It is more complex
      and centers on the very nature of "Reality". I think the answer lies
      exploring Consciouness (
      ). Unlike the physical world, anything is possible in the quantum
      (and indeed, it HAS to occur!).

      The existing timelines in the Multiverse would seem to validate parts
      of predestiny and deja vu. If these can be accessed (or "decohered"),
      then all notions of Reality have to be re-examined.

      The important part that "UFOs" bring to me is to highlight what may be
      suppressed regarding nuclear tests. Can these be damaging the
      timelines? Are entities (actual "aliens" or ourselves in the Future)
      appearing at each test to "warn" us or show their displeasure? For
      reason, I don't think it's that simple (although it would be nice if

      I get the gut feeling that the answer lies within individual
      consciousness. And what is experienced as "reality" to one may not be
      by another. So in that regard, I don't dismiss folklore like Site-4
      Montauk so readily although I may concede that the actual events could
      have occured elsewhre.

      I don't have a ready answer for why UFOs have been allegedly
      photographed and tracked on radar. Maybe they have been. We only have
      the word of those who did it. Something in all of us wants to believe
      in off-world aliens, I suspect.

      It just doesn't seem to be that simple, though. I imagine such beliefs
      would be of use to divert public attention from some screw-ups. It
      might help in administering civil law&order.

      But if the secrets behind timelines, nuclear events, and consciousness
      were revealed, it might reveal too much about Reality (and religion)
      that would upset the status quo. And therein lies the truth ...

      "nothing is impossible - only mathematically improbable"
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