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Filer's Files #26-2007

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    Filer s Files #26-2007 By George Filer Eastern MUFON Director June 27, 2007 George Filer: Majorstar@aol.com See all the photos at: www.nationalufocenter.com
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      Filer's Files
      By George Filer

      Eastern MUFON Director
      June 27, 2007

      George Filer: Majorstar@...
      See all the photos at: www.nationalufocenter.com

      Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was "Be Happy"

      UFOs Over Power Plant

      This week's files cover: Earl Louis Mountbatten and UFOs, General
      MacArthur and UFOs, Mars anomalies, and Hawaii's Big Island Hit by
      Quakes, UK pilot on TV tells of UFO sighting.

      San Pasqual, California on June 17, 2007

      Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: California, Georgia,
      Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New
      York, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Virginia. UFOs were also seen in Brazil,
      Canada, Chile, Egypt, Pakistan, and the UK.

      These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only
      exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported
      each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting
      surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when I
      chased one over England when flying for the US Air Force. I've been
      investigating them ever since. The US Air Force under Project Blue
      Book investigated UFOs for more than twenty years, we continue this
      research. It is my belief that God has spread intelligent
      civilizations through out the universe.

      Last week my computer crashed and I am having a difficult time putting
      out these files after the loss of a great deal of information. Your
      help would be greatly appreciated.
      Supreme Commander Mountbatten Saw UFOs

      Earl Louis Mountbatten became Admiral British Fleet the highest rank
      in the Royal Navy following his retirement as Chief of Defence the
      Staff from 1958 to 1965. He was one of the three Supreme Allied
      Commanders of World War II (the others were Eisenhower and MacArthur)
      with a quarter million Americans and millions of military from other
      countries such as Australia, India, and the UK under his direct
      command; he was the last Viceroy of India , who orchestrated
      independence from England. He was invited to remain as its first, and
      adored Governor-General. He was the architect of the total
      reorganization of Britain's armed forces, Chief of Staff, her First
      Sea Lord with a keen interest in UFOs. Mountbatten wielded power over
      millions of people around the globe and was frequently seen with
      world's leaders. He had the highest clearances and contacts put him
      position to know the inner most secrets of many countries.

      His interest in the subject was so keen that he tried to persuade the
      editor of the Sunday Dispatch to put a team on to sifting the reported
      cases and pursuing the more promising. He again put forward his theory
      that the mysterious objects not merely came from outer space were the
      inhabitants of other planets rather than their flying-machines.

      President Kennedy and Admiral Mountbatten

      His biography states, "What do you think about flying saucers?" He
      asked his daughter Patricia in a 1948 letter. He had been discussing
      the phenomena with his trusted close friend Peter Murphy.

      "They were both convinced that they come from another planet but we
      mutually and independently came to the conclusion that they were not
      aeroplanes with silly almost human pilots but are themselves the
      actual inhabitants: Martians, Venusians, Jupiterians or what have you.
      Why should life in another planet with entirely different conditions
      in any way resemble life on our planet? Their inhabitants might be
      `gaseous' or circular or very large. They certainly don't breathe,
      they may not have to eat, and I doubt if they have babies? bits of
      their great discs may break away and grow into a new creature. The
      fact they can hover and accelerate from the Earth's gravity again and
      even resolve around a V2 in America (as reported by their head
      scientist) shows they are far ahead of us. If they really come over in
      a big way that may settle the capitalist communist war. If the human
      race wishes to survive they may have to band together."Page 493 & 494
      Mountbatten by Phillip Ziegler.
      General Douglas Mac Arthur Warning

      Supreme Allied Commanders Mountbatten and MacArthur

      General Douglas MacArthur stated,

      "The nations of the world will have to unite for the next war will be
      an interplanetary war. The nations of Earth must someday make a common
      front against attack by people from other planets"

      New York Times
      General Douglas Mac Arthur, 1955.

      Editor's Note: It is interesting that two of the Supreme Allied
      Commanders of World War II went to their newspaper contacts to warn
      the public about the reality of UFOs and they may provide a threat to
      the nations of Earth. Strong rumors indicate they both saw crashed
      saucers and their occupants in the Pacific. One allegedly landed on
      his estate in England. Prince Phillip assured me he and his Uncle had
      strong interest in UFOs. Lt. Col. Corso indicated Mac Arthur also had
      a strong interest in UFOs.
      Mars Anomalies

      Johnny Schuessler writes, These are several images from the Themis
      NASA, JPL, Arizona State University Project

      While looking at some photos of Mars taken by NASA I found some
      strange anomalies. "Shortcut to: http://themis.asu.edu/zoom-20070619a

      Thanks to John Schuessler former Director of MUFON

      Johnny Wheeler writes, "I have recently found more objects in a NASA
      photo that I think you'll find extremely interesting. The objects look
      to be made, not formed naturally. I found many objects but focused on
      a few of them from NASA Rover photo:


      The black 'Y' an '3' have been inserted next to symbols in the rocks.

      I'd like to get an archaeologist's opinion on my findings as to
      whether he or she thinks the objects were tooled or fashioned by
      something or someone other than nature. I made a video of my findings
      and posted it on youtube. Here is the link to my video: YouTube - Mars
      Objects Found Thanks to Johnny Wheeler

      Editor's Note: I feel it is significant that objects that appear to
      have been part of a structure also contain symbols. The letter `Y' and
      `E' frequently are seen from satellites and by the Rovers on the
      ground. This happens too frequently to be natural.
      Hawaii's Quakes May Create Tsunami Threat

      Small Earthquakes continue to shake the main island of Hawaii beneath
      the upper east rift zone of Kilauea Volcano one of the most active
      volcanoes on Earth. The new series of earthquakes indicate the
      intrusion of magma and that volcano is preparing for a more active
      stage. Kilauea Volcano includes several craters. The crater floor and
      parts of the west flank of Pu`u `O`o vent collapsed more than 20 m in
      a piecemeal fashion. The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory is watching the
      situation closely and has deployed field crews to the scene. Kilauea
      is the youngest of the sub aerial volcanoes on the Island of Hawaii.
      Much of the bulk of the volcano is below sea level.

      A tiltmeter located on the north side of Pu`u `O`o crater continues to
      indicate tilt towards the center of the cone, with 111 microradians of
      ground tilt since the morning of June 17. No new activity is apparent
      at the site of the June 18/19 eruption. The webcam is available for
      on-line viewers by going to the HVO homepage (hvo.wr.usgs.gov) and
      clicking on the "Father's Day Eruption" link on the left side of the page.

      The "normal" activity of Kilauea Volcano for the past several years --
      eruption of lava from the Pu`u `O`o vent located about 20 km from the
      summit of the volcano -- changed abruptly in the early morning hours
      of Father's Day, June 17. A swarm of small earthquakes began in the
      upper east rift zone of the volcano, and the summit area of Kilauea
      began to deflate rapidly. This was a clear indication that magma was
      moving from the summit magma reservoir and into the rift zone. Since
      June 17, scientists have recorded many changes at Kilauea that have
      led to restricted access to parts of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
      The rift zone widened by at least a meter and many fresh ground cracks
      formed as magma intruded into rift zone. More changes will undoubtedly
      unfold in the coming days as Kilauea adjusts to the underground
      movement of magma that just occurred.

      The great bulk of each Hawaiian volcano lies beneath the sea, and
      Kilauea is no exception. Kilauea's east rift zone does not simply end
      where the ocean begins?more than half of the 130-km-long rift zone
      lies under the ocean, reaching a depth of 5.4 km (Kilauea's summit is
      1.277 km above sea level).

      The earthquakes on the Island of Hawaii are particularly dangerous
      because large areas of the island containing millions of tons of lava
      could suddenly slide into the ocean creating gigantic tsunami waves.
      These waves may be much higher than those caused by earthquakes
      themselves. Landslide tsunami waves have reached heights over a
      thousand feet high compared to the Indian Ocean hundred foot waves.
      Almost any coast on the Pacific Ocean could be in danger. A similar
      volcano situation exists in the Canary Islands in the Atlantic.

      How to Survive a Tsunami from those who Survived

      · Many Will Survive the Earthquake In coastal areas, the largest
      earthquake may kill fewer people than the tsunami.

      · Heed Natural Warnings An earthquake may serve as a warning that a
      tsunami is coming, and so may a rapid fall or rise in coastal waters.

      · Heed Official Warnings Play it safe, Heed Official Warnings Play it
      safe, even if warnings seem ambiguous or you think the danger has passed.

      · Expect Many Waves The next wave may be bigger, and Expect Many
      Waves, the tsunami may last for hours.

      · Head for High Ground and Stay There The next wave may be bigger, and
      the tsunami may last for hours.

      · Abandon Belongings Save your life, not your possessions.

      · Don't Count on the Roads When fleeing a tsunami caused by a nearby
      earthquake, you may find roads broken or blocked.

      · Go to an Upper Floor or Roof of a Building Only if trapped and
      unable to reach high ground, go to an upper story of a sturdy building
      or get on its roof.

      · Climb a Tree As a last resort, climb up a strong tree if trapped on
      low ground.

      · Climb onto Something that Floats If swept up by a tsunami, look for
      something to use as a raft.

      · Expect the Waves to Leave Debris tsunami will leave behind sand, the
      remains of houses, and bodies.

      · Expect Quakes to Lower Coastal Land A large earthquake can leave
      nearby coastal areas lowered, allowing tidal water to flood them.

      · Expect Company Read the details at
      California Spheres and a Triangular Craft

      FOSTER CITY -- A lazy night of television watching was interrupted on
      June 11, 2007, when I heard a loud plane flying outside my window at
      9:35 PM. Several minutes passed so I decided to investigate and went
      out on my 2nd floor balcony, only to find nothing within my viewing
      range and the sound fading to nothing. I could see an extremely bright
      star and two objects in the distance, which I thought were planes. I
      lit up and noticed the lights were getting closer and much lower. I
      watched the lights move toward me, and when the closest one broke the
      plane of the twilight, the silhouette I observed was a black sphere
      with 4-5 lights on it. I did not hear any sound or see any headlights
      or green lights, and my adrenaline was pumping. I live near SFO
      Airport, and noticed a second set of lights on a sphere shaped craft
      and both craft were flying due south at the same altitude until they
      passed out of my view.

      As I lit up another cigarette, something else caught my eye further
      north. A triangular craft that appeared to be slightly larger than the
      spheres came into view from behind a tree. It looked black and had the
      same red and white lights, but the white lights seemed to be arranged
      in a rectangle from my viewpoint. I didn't notice any sound, although
      I may have been too distracted to notice. I watched it head slowly
      toward the direction of the two spheres flight path. As it passed out
      of view, I frantically tried to call friends that lived south of me,
      but none of them picked up.

      SAN PASQUAL - We have enlarged the image taken on June 17, 2007. My
      girlfriend and I were on top of the hill near the high school when we
      saw a bright star-like object approach from the East. As it came
      closer we saw it was made of a highly reflective gold colored metal.
      The bottom of the object was the color of dull bronze and didn't
      really seem to reflect the light. Luckily inside my backpack kit was
      my camera. It made absolutely no sound and it initially moved slower
      than any plane. As it approached us the object banked to the north and
      after about 30 seconds reversed direction revealing its side to us. We
      watched it for some time as it banked back and forth, then all of a
      sudden it tipped it's nose to about a 45 degree angle and quickly
      ascended out of sight. Thanks to MUFON CMS

      On June 10, 2007, at 8:30 PM, I was looking out my window in Southern
      California and saw what at first I thought was a plane, but then I saw
      a few details that made it clear that it was a UFO. First of all, it
      was kind of like a bird, with two wings, but they were not really
      wings. It was like a flapping string of Christmas lights in a pattern
      of red, blue, green, yellow and purple. In the middle was a ball. It
      was a bright red. In the center was a bluish colored ring. Then it
      disappeared out of sight. I never saw it again. Thanks to Brian Vike,
      Director HBCC UFO Research http://www.hbccufo.org
      Georgia Triangle Object With Three Lights.

      ALPHARETTA -- On June 10, 2007, I woke up to a strange noise from
      outside at 11 PM. When I looked at the sky I saw a large triangular
      slow moving object that had three white lights on the bottom. Behind
      it, was another separate light following it but moving erratically.
      The triangular object and the separate light moved out of view and
      then back into view. The whole incident lasted about 15 minutes.
      Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center
      Illinois Four Glowing UFO's

      DOWNERS GROVE -- On June 5, 2007, while speaking on my cell phone and
      watching arriving and departing aircraft from Chicago`s O'Hare and
      Midway airports at 21:35, I noticed at my WSW position heading ENE, a
      very bright spherical bluish-white light, (half the size of my index
      finger at arm's-length) at approximately 20,000 feet. The object was
      glowing and had no landing, anti-collision or red /green running
      lights, left no contrail and made no noise.

      It flew over aircraft departing Midway and arriving at O'Hare and
      under eastbound aircraft cruising at high altitude south of my
      position. I estimate the speed to be three times faster than a 737
      aircraft flying directly over me westbound, at approximately 7,500
      feet. <250kts...

      The object silently glided over the city of Chicago and disappeared
      over Lake Michigan. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National
      Reporting Center www.nuforc.com

      WOODRIDGE -- My husband and I were on the deck arguing on June 9,
      2007, when I looked up to watch a jet which had taken off from O'Hare
      Airport. Behind the jet, were four lights following at 3 PM. At first
      I thought of Mylar balloons, but I couldn't believe they would be that
      high. I told my husband to look, but he was too heated up in the
      argument. They then hovered towards the NE. One moved out a bit, and
      then came back. One by one, they just disappeared. After the argument,
      my husband said he could not see anything. www.nuforc.com
      Indiana Large, Low and Fast Silver Object

      BLOOMINGTON -- I was visiting my family on their farm, which is on the
      north side of Bloomington, near Oliver Winery, at 10:45 PM, on June 5,
      2007. I went outside and a large silver very low object streaked
      across the sky going from the east to the west. It went so fast that I
      could not see the shape. It was large, flying low, maybe 500 feet up
      or so, and traveled very fast. It did not emit beams of light but the
      object was bright. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National
      Reporting Center www.nuforc.com
      Maryland UFO Photograph

      On May 7, 2007, I was just taking pictures of stars with my Canon
      PowerShot S3 IS digital camera for fun facing the southern sky. When I
      uploaded the pics, this object was on the image. It is pinkish/red
      with a lime green edge at the bottom and a red light at the lover
      right bottom of the object. I did not see the object when I snapped
      the photo. Thanks to MUFON CMS
      Massachusetts Large Bright Object

      METHUEN/HAVERHILL -- We were driving home on 495 north after getting
      off Route 213 on June 5, 2007, and we both saw an object with two
      rectangular lights on it side by side at 2:42 AM. It seemed like a
      flat object something like a Frisbee or an advanced bat plane. The
      object was clear as day and vanished almost immediately. At first we
      didn't say anything to each other because we were both kind of
      shocked. It darted downward and vanished from our view. The driver
      thought it looked as if it had been shot down. Thanks to Peter
      Davenport Director National Reporting Center www.nuforc.com
      Michigan Security Policeman Instructed Not to Talk

      WURTSMITH AFB -- I was a Security Policeman working the Main Gate when
      I got a call from the 379th Bombing Wing Command Post at Wurtsmith and
      they asked me if I saw anything? I looked eastward and noticed a
      bright white light which was over the direction of Lake Huron.

      I was a Sergeant (E-4) at the Main Gate, Security Police (Law
      Enforcement/Patrolman) when another UFO hovered over the Main Gate.
      The Squadron Commander and I witnessed the object for several minutes
      a 100 feet directly over me with no sound I could see nothing but a
      blinding white light. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

      KALAMAZOO -- On June 7, 2007, I was facing the window above my bed
      while reading a novel about 11 PM, when I saw outside lights. I looked
      up and saw a dark triangular craft that had three lights at each
      corner and three lights in the center of the bottom,. All of which
      formed two triangles, one inside the other. It flew rather low, I
      would estimate it as being about two inches wide and I don't know how
      far away it was from my house. It flew directly west in plain sight
      for 30 seconds and then went behind the trees. Thanks to Peter
      Davenport Director National Reporting Center www.nuforc.com

      CLARKLAKE -- On June 7, 2007, photo of cylinder shaped object. The
      witness repeatedly heard military helicopters and later photographed
      fast moving disc and cigar shaped object. Thanks to MUFON CMS
      Minnesota Dark Diamond/Clover Shaped

      SAINT PAUL -- Around dusk on June 10, 2007, I was looking out the
      window when I noticed some dark shapes floating in the sky. I could
      tell they were too large and symmetrical to be birds. As they passed
      by at their closest point to my view (directly to the east from my
      building) I was able to look at them with binoculars, and could make
      out what seemed to be four lobes, shaped like a compacted clover
      shape, which made an overall diamond silhouette with rounded corners.
      I couldn't see any surface details. I called my wife in from another
      room, and she was able to see enough to realize that these weren't or
      commonly seen aircraft.

      I counted three definite objects of this description, and a possible
      fourth as well but it was well behind the others and distant. The
      objects' movement was rather fast, but very smooth and silent and
      steady to the north. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National
      Reporting Center www.nuforc.com
      New Jersey Reverend Comments

      Please warn your readers to not fall into the pit of doubt created by
      the belief that our government has secret flying machines that defy
      physics. WE DO NOT! Believing that we do weakens the truth behind what
      is being revealed daily. We may have stolen UFO parts and designs and
      may have hoge poged together some half baked boondogle. But that would
      only PROVE that we have intercepted extraterrestrial technology.

      Do not let your readers think or believe for one moment that we humans
      have designed silent running nuclear powered anti gravity ships with
      secret funding from the pentagon black ops budget. Any super toys are
      knock offs of the real deal which they (Uncle Sam) insist do not exist.

      A government that refuses to disclose what it knows about ET's and
      claims ownership over it's constituents will cause us to shrivel and
      die. We as a species need to look up toward a higher species of being
      in order to excel! Snip. Thanks to Rev. Barna
      New York Light And Black Object

      SACANDAGA LAKE, EDINBURG -- Dian and Brett write, "A UFO researcher
      featured on the April cover of UFO magazine, a gentleman contacted me
      after the article ran, and told me he was currently photographing UFOs
      over Albany, NY area, where I had seen three round circles of light
      some 26 years previous. He also said he believed he could vector the
      phenomena and had caught a UFO over my home on the lake, which had not
      been visible when the shot was taken. He claims he has captured dozens
      of "unseen" UFOs. So, my wife and I were floored when this shot turned
      up. This UFO also was not visible when the shot was taken. The photo
      was taken 3 weeks ago, mid day with a D200 Nikkon digital. Thanks to
      John at UFOINFO webmaster@...

      NEW YORK CITY (MANHATTAN) -- On June 5, 2007, at 10:32, a large,
      bright, comet-like object was seen disintegrating over the Upper East
      Side of Manhattan near 85th Street and 3rd Avenue. The light was
      visible for only a few seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director
      National Reporting Center www.nuforc.com

      BRONX -- The witness phoned the report in about 2 hours after it
      occurred on June 20, 2007, at 1:58 PM. He was looking at aircraft
      taking off. (He assumed that this aircraft was departing from
      LaGuardia Airport.) Through binoculars he saw a U.S. Airways airliner
      moving toward his position. He then saw a spinning, shimmering black
      object move across his field of view to the left. The object was
      shaped like a bell. He heard no sounds from the object. The object
      passed under the airliner, but the witness wasn't sure of the distance
      of the object below the airliner. The witness said that he was very
      familiar with blimps and other craft that regularly fly over New York.
      He said this object was most unusual.

      Investigator's Notes: The witness sounded very credible and
      knowledgeable about aircraft. He was quite concerned about
      confidentiality and did not reveal his name. He regularly watches
      aircraft and has never seen anything like this object. This is another
      case of unknown objects flying through controlled airspace at busy
      airports. Does this pose a safety hazard? Thanks to Bill Plunkett UFOS
      Northwest. www.ufonw.com.
      North Dakota Alien Abduction Caught On Film

      DICKINSON -- Around midnight May 2007, has taken some excellent
      footage on an unknown event which was one of the best bits of footage
      I have received to He has also had more than his share of sightings,
      up close and personal ones. I found him also to be a very creditable
      person. I have been your guest on the Jeff Rense radio show twice and
      I need you to call me! I have the smoking gun on alien abduction
      without a doubt! No joke! I have been sitting on this for two months
      trying to decide on what to do with the film or where to send it
      because it is quite disturbing! I don't think even the researchers are
      going to like what they see! It is in night-shot with my Sony camera
      but still definitive as even the microphone picks up on the noise when
      the entities move! There are three different types of entities on this
      film! Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research
      Rhode Island Chevron Over the Shoreline

      NARRAGANSETT – At 9:15 PM, while riding my motorcycle along Rt.1A,
      heading south on June 7, 2007, I noticed what at first I thought was a
      large plane with two large lights at either end, as in wingtips, but
      oddly they were not flashing nor were they the green and red normal
      flight lights. Rather, there was a large white light on one end and
      the other end was a very odd amber-tinged white light. Most striking
      was the intense flashing white strobe light underneath the craft with
      another one, smaller, also white, in back of it.

      There were three oblong lime green lighted areas, subdued in color.
      These lights, plus the odd gliding way the craft moved, convinced me
      that it was a UFO. I turned around and took a road down to the water's
      edge so I could view the extremely bright flashing strobes of the
      craft as it glided over the Jamestown Bridge. I watched as it went
      toward the old Quonset Naval Air Station. It was far too big, too low,
      and too slow to be anything conventional, disregarding the odd
      lighting on it.

      I saw a similar craft over the Perryville, RI, area two years ago, 10
      minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center
      Virginia Lights Photographed

      Ashburn -- On June 21, 2007, I was driving down a new development and
      there had just been a massive thunder storm. We saw a set of 3 lights
      that were flying vertical as if the craft was flying in a "standing"
      position, except once we looked closer, it was 3 globes of white light
      perfectly parallel over each other. We noticed a very large, glowing
      ball of light which was obviously not a star!!! At first, I felt weird
      and I pulled the car over, and placed the camera on top of the car to
      take a picture. My camera has a movement focus setting and got a short
      video and you can hear my daughter commenting," There's the UFO". The
      video was shot @ 2154hrs & the first still picture at 2156hrs. I
      snapped 6 pictures, not moving the camera from its place; the picks
      are about 30-45 seconds apart.

      Pearisburg Series of Photos -- I wanted to get more photos from
      different vantage points other than where I had been getting photo's
      for two weeks. I got in the van and traveled to the next town on June
      23, 2007. All along the way I randomly snapped pictures.

      Upon arriving home I uploaded them to my computer and found almost one
      or more in every picture. I am not crazy and I can distinguish between
      a bird, a bug, and an airplane. In our really rural area we don't have
      many planes except for two military fighter planes that do maneuvers
      over our valley at varying intervals and occasionally a medivac
      hospital helicopter.

      I have caught everything from orbs, disks, rocket shaped, cloaked
      disks, and tube shaped UFO's over a 3 week period of time. It is
      strange though that after I posted on here last week and uploaded some
      videos and slide shows to you tube a white car (which I've never seen
      before ) with government tags that read DD or DOD-??? has driven by my
      house a few times. I am a father of five children. Thanks to MUFON CMS
      Washington Black Triangle at 500 Feet

      YELM -- I was outside walking our dog about 10:30 PM, and heard a
      strange vibration overhead and behind me between June 3 and 9, 2007.
      It was approximately 500 feet above our house and moved from west to
      east, following the Nisqually River near Fort Lewis upstream. I could
      make out the triangular shape of it and also noted it had three
      lights, but they did not illuminate me or anything else as it passed
      right over. I did notice some red lights that were constantly on in
      the rear of the object as it passed over. It only made the strange
      vibrating sound. My wife asked what caused the vibrations. Perhaps it
      is some advanced military vehicle stationed at nearby McChord Air
      Force Base. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research
      Brazil Photo of UFO

      TATUL -- I was sent this photo of disc over Brazil near radio tower.
      We are attempting to obtain more information.
      Canada UFOs Over Pickering Power Plant

      SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO -- On June 18, 2007, after, I returned to work
      after lunch and noticed a helicopter less than a mile away to the east
      at 12:30 PM. I wonder about the purpose of helicopters that hang
      around my workplace. In curiosity, I snapped three pictures of the
      helicopter to see if maybe there was something the eyes did not see.
      Sure enough the third photo reveals an unknown something where the
      helicopter had been. This anomaly appears disc shaped and gray in
      color-real weird and less than 20 kilometers from
      Pickering Power Plant. Thanks to Paul Shishis

      LAKE ONTARIO from TRENTON to COLBORNE -- Late night on Friday June 8,
      2007, I woke up and noticed a flashing star. I got the binoculars out
      and it was an orb with multi colored flashing lights. Four of us
      watched an object over Colboure and just before dawn it dropped in
      altitude and slowly headed north until I lost site of it. Next night
      at dusk, over the Bay of Quinte I noticed a light that I pointed out
      to my folks and son. The darker it got the more of them we could see
      until there were too many to count strung out all over the sky.

      Then we saw white lights coming in from the northwest at a high rate
      of speed until one just stopped dead north of CFB Trenton. The orbs
      with the multicolored lights of red, blue, green, and yellow flashing
      alternately just sat there for hours hovering or moving slowly. About
      11 PM, I tracked a big long object with white and red lights coming at
      a high rate of speed that passed the house heading northwest.

      On the Sunday night there were more multicolored lights over the lake.
      On my way home I saw an Air Force guy at the gas station. I mentioned
      to him the interesting light show over the lake on the weekend. He
      mentioned something about they were probably doing exercises and then
      promptly changed the subject. As a former military person myself, I am
      sure what I saw was not of a military nature. An excellent vantage
      point would be at the top of Branscome Road in Crahme Township. Thanks
      to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research http://www.hbccufo.org

      PICKERING -- Around 5:50 PM, on Sunday June 10, 2007, I was playing
      baseball in east Scarborough at East Point Complex that is very close
      to Lake Ontario. Looking east towards Pickering over the tree line was
      a single object just "sitting" there. I watched it from the outfield
      for about 5 minutes. Object was not moving. I got the attention of
      twelve friends none have an interest UFOs, but no one could come up
      with a logical explanation.

      We watched the object on and off for about another 15 minutes until we
      left. There was definitely a suspended object in the sky that was
      black, half and inch long a few hundred feet up. Thanks to Brian Vike,
      Director HBCC UFO Research http://www.hbccufo.org

      PICKERING POWER PLANT -- I can't believe your last post about Lake
      Ontario sightings. Myself and a friend witnessed something strange
      near the Pickering Power Plant over Lake Ontario, after 12:30 AM, on
      June 14, 2007. There is video footage, and he has a better quality
      camera than what I have. He phoned me two days later telling me his
      camera has captured this UFO. What I had witnessed with the aid of
      binoculars was about 5 or 6 lights-orange in color. They were blinking
      on and off along a straight bottom row of the craft. Light sequence
      from right to left-on and off. The object was in fact stationary, as
      we both view for about a minute by binoculars. Then both of us began
      filming this thing at less than two miles away. Altitude was 1500 feet
      high and after about two minutes, the craft vanished as a low flying
      Cessna came in right where the object was sighted apparently to
      investigate the UFO. Civilian aircraft are restricted from flying near
      the nuclear power plant. Listen to the Vike Report Radio Show On
      InnerStreams Network Every Sunday . Brian Vike in Rambo outfit while
      visiting Hope B.C. where Rambo movie was filmed.

      Chile Lake Evaporated by UFO?

      This is the outlandish explanation considered in the Andean nation to
      account for the disappearance of a body of water. Experts in the field
      claim that "extraterrestrial" activity has been detected in the area.
      The Chilean government is thoroughly astonished by an unusual
      situation in the world which had a powerful impact on public opinion.
      For this reason, government authorities requested the aid of
      geologists to find out what happened to the lake, located in the
      Tempanos Fjord, located 2000 kilometers southeast of Santiago de
      Chile, in the Bernardo O'Higgins National Park. The lake's
      disappearance was discovered on May 27, 2007, but was only made known
      on Wednesday. Theories are now circulating everywhere that are
      unusual, whimsical and not at all serious. There are even "experts"
      who believe that the water's disappearance could have been the result
      of "UFO suction".

      Chilean Ufologist Rodrigo Fuenzalida stated that the theory that
      suggests the presence of extraterrestrials at the nameless lake has
      grounds. "We have on record that certain UFOs draw water. There is a
      case in Lago Colbún that is supported by eyewitness accounts from
      Carabineros (state police) and civilians who saw something hover over
      the lake and extract water," he noted. The expert added that "over 60%
      of all UFO sightings in Chile occur in this region. Another theory is
      that a huge crack caused the southern lake to empty its contents in a
      mater of water, allowing water to flow "to the center of the Earth",
      according to Chilean newspaper Las Ultimas Noticias. (Translation (c)
      2007. Scott Corrales, IHU. Thanks to INEXPLICATA The Journal of
      Hispanic Ufology, Guillermo Gimenez
      Egypt UFOs Filmed

      CAIRO -- Dr. Wahid Ibrahim reports on June 20, 2007, he videotaped an
      Egyptian Pharaohnic fleet of three flying saucers following each other
      over the Nile River and separated for final destinations. The first
      was filmed at 21.37.37 hours. The second one started to appear at the
      same time with the first one at exactly 21.53.49 hour (pm), but I was
      unable to record it as the Panasonic camera was recording the first
      one till it disappeared. Then I started to record at 22.01.00 hour
      till 22.13 hour on the second craft that headed for Saqqara. Thanks to
      Dr. Ibrahim. http://www.ufo-egyptian-hunter.org/
      Pakistan Disk

      KARACHI -- I saw a UFO with my brother-in-law at the roof of my house
      on June 3, 2007, at 7:17 PM. We saw a white bluish glowing light
      coming towards us with a height of a mile or less but with a great
      speed crossed our heads and in 5 or 8 seconds. After passing us while
      we kept on watching it as it made a very strange turn which we know
      that an aeroplane can not make. It came back to us at the same
      altitude, no sound only the light was visible. It flew upward at a 90
      degree angle and disappeared. I have seen satellite, aeroplanes, and
      other sophisticated jets they all make noise except the satellites.
      Now every day I go to my roof-top to see by chance a glimpse of it.
      Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center
      UK/England Light

      LONG EATON (DERBYSHIRE) -- On June 10, 2007, a light roughly six times
      the size of a normal satellite, was traveling from west to east from
      Derby to Nottingham at 03:23 AM. It was bright enough to be visible
      against full moon. May possibly have been space shuttle or something
      of similar size? No sound was heard during the 45 second sighting, and
      object maintained same trajectory throughout sighting. Thanks to Peter
      Davenport Director National Reporting Center www.nuforc.com
      UFO spotter Ray Bowyer was in the Spotlight

      Tom Edwards reporter for The Guernsey Press and Star
      reveals, "Aurigny's Airlines Captain Roy Bowyer on Richard and Judy on
      June 25, 2007, and CNN. The Aurigny pilot, who said he spotted two
      huge unidentified objects off Alderney two months ago, explained the
      sightings to a national UK audience.

      The Channel 4 couple quizzed the captain about his brush with the
      unknown and showed him some photographs of other famous sightings. Mr
      Bowyer said that one of the images, of an object spotted over New
      Mexico, was very similar to what he had seen and added that he had not
      previously been aware of the picture.

      Media attention has been growing over the pilot's UFO sighting since
      it was first reported by the Guernsey Press on Thursday 26 April. His
      descriptions of a mile-long, bright yellow object made headlines in
      the Sun and Daily Mail last week. Show co-host Richard Madeley said,
      he had heard some extraordinary reports from other pilots in the past
      and asked what had prompted Captain Bowyer to come forward. 'My
      experience is that commercial pilots don't often speak out, so why
      have you decided to?' he said. Captain Bowyer replied that the
      Guernsey Press had broken the story and revealed there was convincing
      radar evidence that confirmed something was in the area at the time.
      (Illustration of UFO sighting)

      'I have visited Radar Control in Jersey, which picked up some
      interesting traces for 55 minutes.' he said. Mr Madeley asked the
      pilot whether what he saw could have been a strange cloud, to which
      Captain Bowyer replied that it 'didn't look anything like a cloud'.
      'In my view, there was a strange object in a controlled airspace which
      should not have been there.' he added. After thanking the captain for
      coming on to the show and sharing his 'fascinating' story, the show's
      other presenter, Judy Finnigan, commented: 'I wish they 'the aliens'
      would just come out and show themselves.' Richard replied: "Well I'm
      glad they haven't." Thanks to Guernsey Press
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