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  • nathaniel x vance
    Mar 18, 2014
      do any of you expect the pending PLANET X Announcement to be made public first
      by China, Russia, or the Obama Administration? Will this PX Announcement be
      made before March 2014 ends, or will it be made sometime next month? And, who
      will be responsible for the day-to-day dialogue between us 3rd Density humans and the more higher evolved space people??
      As to exactly when this Announcement will be made is still unknown, but one
      piece of the puzzle may be written or hidden in these two article.
      you find or intuitively snitch anything together that will shed some light on
      any of these very delicate cerebral questions?
      deGrasse Tyson Squashes Creationist Argument Against Science on National TV
      Watching the Christian Right struggle to counter
      "Cosmos" each week is like watching a frightened, cornered animal
      that knows it's about to die.
      March 17, 2014 |  
       Episode two of "Cosmos," hosted by Neil
      deGrasse Tyson, aired this week. Toward the end of the program, Tyson made one
      of the best statements one could hope would sink into the minds of young and
      old viewers alike and—most importantly—creationists.
      The astrophysicist proclaimed that there is no shame in admitting you do not
      know something and that the real shame is pretending to know everything.
      Neil de Grasse Tyson the spokesperson to discuss the
      pending passage of Planet X
      Is this article
      preannouncement related? Could it give NASA a forum  to discuss Nibiru and
      earth changes with the public?
      http://fox6now.com/2014/03/09/popular-tv-program-cosmos-makes-a-comeback-on-fox-sunday-night/%c2%a0 [and from another] Much emphasis on having an open mind, a clear statement
      that science/scientists should ‘follow the evidence wherever it goes and
      question everything’, accounts of challenging the scientific thinking in the
      past when it was faulty, a very clear representation of how huge the universe
      is (so unlikely we are alone), and only 12 minutes in, a mention of rogue
      wandering planets that are detected by infra-red! All in all a good show –
      better than I was expecting.
      Neil de Grasse Tyson has obviously
      been chosen as the spokesperson to discuss the pending passage of Planet X to
      the masses. We indicated last May,
      2013 that this was the plan. As a spokesperson discussing the Zeta
      predictions on the pending passage and impact of the Pole Shift, he will carry
      forward mankind’s current assumptions about planetary bodies and their
      interaction with impeccable credentials and the respect of the populace and
      scientific community. Neil is also open minded and humble enough to admit that
      mankind is still learning, and that their past theories have been proven wrong
      on a regular basis.  

      Why is it necessary to debate the ZetaTalk predictions on the pending passage
      and Pole Shift at all? The ZetaTalk accuracy on predictions will become widely
      known and is respected. That’s on the one side. Then there is the White Lie in
      2003 wherein Planet X did not pass, though it did come into the inner solar
      system exactly as predicted. That’s on the other side. There is also the slowed
      7 of 10 plate movements, which are proceeding as predicted though the pace was
      slowed by the Council of Worlds, although the increased visibility of Planet X
      and increased wobble of the 8 of 10 phase have already become obvious. So this
      begs the question, when is a Zeta prediction firm, and when will it be changed
      by the Council or its agents?

      The announcement team has explored juxtapositioning Neil and Nancy against each
      other before, during 2013. The public evidence of this is outlined in Issue 356 of Nancy’s
      newsletter where Neil tried an arrogant tack, and in Issue 347 where he went in
      the other direction, extreme humility. Issues under debate include the
      Repulsion Force, wherein Earth and Planet X will not collide; a stopped
      rotation, as history and our predictions outline, and what mankind’s theories
      would be challenged by this occurrence; the rising sea level to 675 feet above
      the current level within two years after the Pole Shift; and the crustal shift
      itself, versus a popular theory of reversing polarity in the Earth and Sun.

      The establishment, which includes those in politics as well as the wealthy and
      corporate interests, would like to minimize rioting and panic, and thus would
      like to see the Zeta’s theories debunked by a notary such as Neil. Meanwhile,
      evidence of ZetaTalk accuracy will increasingly be at hand, at what will become
      a dizzying pace. Neil and Nancy will prevail with good humor, good advice to
      mankind on how to proceed, with a thorough airing of the alternative views. New
      ZetaTalk is likely to emerge during these debates. Nancy and ourselves are
      delighted with Obama’s choice, and looking forward to what will undoubtedly be
      an educational, explorative, and frankly fun filled debate on the issues!<http://zetatalk.com/ning/15mr2014.htm>


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