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July 4th!! Join Classes!! SWING CENTRAL!! Hat Contest!!

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  • tango lindygirl
    You can join any Swing Central current Class Series this Tuesday July 4th, even though the series got started last week. I highly recommend Randy & Kara s bal
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2006
      You can join any Swing Central current Class Series this Tuesday July
      4th, even though the series got started last week.

      I highly recommend Randy & Kara's bal series "BALBOA MECHANICS" --
      their bal knowledge truly runs deep. Comparisons of timing and
      techniques taught by different Balboa oldtimers totally rocked last

      And if you like your lindy hop shaken up and stirred about, you'll
      definitely enjoy "LINDYOLOGY." Carla and Ryan's experimental approach
      to their connection class last week was startling -- in this series,
      expect your essential elements of lindy hop taught with a twist!

      Here are the class topics remaining in these two fascinating swing
      dance class series:

      7:00 - 8:00pm - LINDYOLOGY!!! - Int/adv
      Stellar Instructors: Carla Heiney, Kevin St Laurent, Nicole Frydman,
      Ryan Borkenhagen, &Pinar Erciyas.
      Week 2 - Rhythms & Syncopations - Ryan & Carla
      Week 3 - Musicality - Kevin & Nicole
      Week 4 - Improvisation - Kevin & Carla
      Week 5 - Thinking Outside the Box! - Kevin, Carla, Ryan, &Pinar.

      8:10 - 9:10pm - BALBOA MECHANICS - Int/adv
      All classes taught by Bal champions Randy Maestretti & Kara Britt.
      Week 2 - Polishing your Basics & Moving Forward.
      Week 3 - Bal-Swing: Complicated Moves w Transitional Elements.
      Week 4 - Bal-Swing: Combinations to Keep Things Interesting.
      Week 5 - Sharpening your Skills & Mad Footwork.

      These two classes as well as the LINDY HOP FUNDAMENTALS class are
      PROGRESSIVE Class Series. Week two (July 4th) is the last
      possible week during which you may drop in to take single classes in
      any series.

      6:00 - 7:00pm - LINDY HOP FUNDAMENTALS
      Swing Dance Now! with Instructors Kevin St Laurent, Pinar Erciyas, and
      Ryan Borkenhagen. Geared for brand new dancers and those who want to review and
      strengthen their lindy hop fundamentals. We will get you out on the
      social dance floor and having fun before you know it!

      8:00 - 9:00pm - Beginner Drop-In lesson
      Cant manage a series but want to get a taste of lindy hop? The drop-in
      class is for you.

      Swing Central DJ for our Independence Day Party will be Michael Terkowski.

      Join us on July 4th for Patriotic Lindy Hopping!

      and a Hula Hoop Contest.
      and a Best HAT Contest.

      FREE SOCIAL DANCING if you take any class at Swing Central.

      PS: Dont forget!
      Aug 11-13 weekend workshop with Kevin and Carla! (http://www.sacswingjam.com/)
      Sept 9 all day Saturday lindy hop workshops with Todd &Naomi and
      balboa workshops with David Rehm - at Swing Central!!
      Sept 9 Saturday night dance 9pm to 12am

      Please see www.redwoodcityswing.com for more details.
      Dance on!
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