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3 Levels of classes, More Instructors, & Stompy Jones! Wed. @ Steppin Out in Sunnyvale

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  • Megan Hornbecker
    ======================================================== Wed, Nov 2nd -- 3 Levels of Lindy Hop Classes @ Steppin Out -- Sunnyvale 1) Wed, Nov 2nd -- The New
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      Wed, Nov 2nd -- 3 Levels of Lindy Hop Classes @ Steppin' Out -- Sunnyvale

      1) Wed, Nov 2nd -- The New 4 Week Series Start Levels 1, 2 & 3!
      2) More Instructors & Class Requirements
      3) Wed, Nov 16th -- LIVE MUSIC with JELLYROLL!!

      = 1 === Wed, Nov 2nd -- Next 4 Week Series Starts!

      Wednesday, November 2nd kicks off our next Lindy series class
      at Steppin' Out in Sunnyvale! This week features LIVE MUSIC from
      STOMPY JONES and week 3 will feature LIVE MUSIC from JELLYROLL!

      *** NEW THIS SERIES ***

      We will be introducing new levels of classes starting this November
      2nd! We now offer Levels 1, 2 and 3 of Lindy Hop instruction.

      Level 1 offers 6 months of rotating classes to teach the fundamentals
      of Lindy Hop. Level 2 focuses on building lindy vocabulary, teaching
      all the moves you should know plus moves that make you look good.
      Level 3 offers challenging partner connection and movement techniques,
      focusing more on moves that make you feel good.

      * 7:00 - 8:00pm: Level 3 Lindy Series (Drop-ins welcome)
      * 8:00 - 9:00pm: Level 2 Lindy Series (Drop-ins welcome)
      * 8:00 - 9:00pm: Level 1 Lindy Series (Drop-ins welcome)
      * 9:00 - Midnight: LIVE MUSIC with Stompy Jones!!!

      $40/person for 4 Week Lesson & Dance Party & FREE GIFT PRACTICE CD!
      $15/person 1 week drop-in lesson
      $10/person Dance Only (9-Midnight)

      Steppin' Out, 830 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085


      = 2 === More Instructors & Class Requirements

      Trevor & Megan are teaming up with local dancers and instructors,
      Andrea Owens, Laura Robeck & Gilles Bouvier to teach the Level 1 and
      Level 2 Lindy Hop Classes at 8:00 pm. Trevor & Megan will now be
      teaching Level 3 Lindy Hop at 7:00pm. Here are a minimum of
      requirements for the different levels. Please visit the website for
      full details and class descriptions.

      Level 1: No experience necessary. This class will teach you
      leading & following techniques, as well as give you a variety of
      Lindy, Charleston, Jig Step, Jazz, and other moves to add to your

      Level 2: You should have taken the Level 1 class for at least 4-6
      sessions. This will ensure that you have the range of fundamentals
      required to pick up the more difficult material of the Level 2 class.
      You should be comfortable with the Lindy Basic, Lindy Circle, tandem &
      side by side Charleston steps, as well as 6 count & 8 count moves.

      Level 3: You should have been dancing Lindy hop for 1-2 years and
      should be at a level equivalent of taking 4-6 sessions of the Level
      2 class. You should feel comfortable adding variations to your Lindy
      swingout, circle, and Charleston steps. You should be able to use
      various degrees of partner connection and counter balance in order to
      pull off fancier slides and tricks.

      Full Details

      = 3 === Wed, November 16th -- LIVE MUSIC with JELLYROLL

      If you missed them this past month, you'll get to see them again!
      Jellyroll continues to rock the house with brand new swingin'
      tunes from 9-MIDNIGHT! The evening's admission is just $15 for the
      drop-in lessons or just $10 for the dance party only. Come on out
      and enjoy the 4000 square foot "floating" dance floor, pool table,
      SNACKS, video games, comfortable seating, and FREE wireless
      internet access! There's nothing like it!

      7:00 - 8:00 Intermediate Lindy Class ($15 drop-in)
      8:00 - 9:00 Beginner/Intermediate Series Class ($15 drop-in)
      8:00 - 9:00 Beginner Series Class ($15 drop-in)
      9:00 - Midnight -- Dance Party ($10 dance only / FREE for lindy
      class students)

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