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Midtown Stomp - Donating to Katrina Relief this Friday! - Sept 2nd

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  • Thompson, Ronald D
    Midtown Stomp in Sacramento is donating $1 per person to the American Red Cross! $1 from everyone s admission the next two Fridays will go to the Red Cross.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2005
      Midtown Stomp in Sacramento is donating $1 per person to the American Red Cross!

      $1 from everyone's admission the next two Fridays will go to the Red Cross.  As some of you know, Ron works as an engineer for Intel.  Intel is fund-matching donations so that effectively is a $2 donation per person.  We will have a method by which you can donate additional money if you would like.  Additional money will also be doubled by Intel.  

      As for the dancing, we're in the main ballroom this week and will have both lessons from 8-9pm with DJ'd dancing from 9 until Midnight.  The weather forecast would appear to be cooperating and we'll have all the fans running!

      -- Matt and Amanda host "Enough Lindy for Two Shirts" on September 3rd!

      Matt and Amanda are offering a great workshop at Spotlight Dance Studio this Saturday.  Grow your Lindy Hop and Swing Dancing during this full day workshop!  Your last chance for the advanced-purchase pricing will be this Friday!!  Midtown Stomp will again sponsor the first 5 people who sign-up making this a ridiculously low-priced full day workshop at only $35 with the sponsorship.


      Registration opens at 10:30!

      Lindy fundamentals.......................11:00am-12:00pm
      Charlestonize your Lindy.................12:05-1:05
      Lunch break..............................1:05-1:55
      Jazz Movements for Lindy.................2:00-3:00
      Stop, Look and Listen....................3:05-4:30
      Breaking your personal Lindy Barriers....4:45-5:45

      -- Individual classes are $12/each.

      Spotlight dance studio is located at 646 North Market Blvd near Fry's Electronics off of highway 80.  Contact Matt at (916) 806-8204 or swingmystyle@...

      Live bands coming soon! --

      -- September 30th - Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums
      Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums make their triumphant return to the Sacramento Swing Dancing scene on September 30th.  They were once staples of the old venues like Ace's and the Marquis. So we figured we'd bring them on back to swing the place. They have a new album out so you'll get to hear a great mix of new and old material. This is going to be one rockin' night.


      -- October 14th - Karen Maria Capo Coming to Sacramento from Austin, TX!
      Karen showed her stuff at the SF Lindy Exchange and is coming to Sac on October 14th!  We can't wait for her to sing for us! Check out www.midnightsiren.com for information on her and her latest album.  She performs frequently at large Lindy Hop events such as the Southern Florida Lindy Exchange and has upcoming gigs at the Emerald City Blues Festival and the Austin Lindy Exchange.

      She's been invited onto stage by Barbara Morrison and brings a great energy to the room!  We don't have enough room in the email to say how much we're looking forward to her being on our stage!

      November 11th - Stompy Jones Returns!
      Stompy Jones returns return to Midtown Stomp in Sacramento on November 11th!  They've been to Midtown Stomp three times, now and everybody loves Pops!  With their vintage sound and great performance, we can't wait to have them back!

      We're 2 for 3 on having the cops show up when they come, so why not go for 3 out of 4?


      December 2nd - Sister Swing makes their Midtown Stomp Debut!
      We're bringing Sister Swing to Midtown Stomp for the first time!  This local group puts on a great show and has been working on their show for dancers. 

      With a great tribute to the Andrew's Sisters and cool vintage looks, this group is sure to provide us a fun night dancing!


      Tshirts -

      T-Shirts are back!  We've had many people ask when we're getting more shirts.  We have a bunch of colors and sizes, but a very limited number of shirts in each combination, so buy yours this Friday to get the size and color of your choice!  T-shirts are $12 and available from Haley!

      Lesson Details -

      We're going to introduce themes in our lessons.  This lets you, as a student, know what you're going to get out of the classes each week.  Each week, we'll be covering the basics, but in addition to the basics, we're going to work on adding another element to your dancing.  For instance, each week in the lindy hop class, we'll teach basics of a swing-out.  However, there is a lot more to Lindy Hop than just a swing out, so you can learn about breaks, turns, 6-count moves and so on over the course of a month.  For East Coast Swing (ECS), the themes will be simpler.  We'll be working on triple steps and adding basic Charleston, for instance.  This does not mean that the entire lesson will be about triple steps or Charleston - it means that it will be about basic ECS and basic Lindy Hop with triple steps or Charleston in addition to the basics.

      You can start anywhere during the month in either of the lessons.  The ECS, the lessons will always start at the very beginning.  With Lindy Hop, if most students are return-students, the Lindy Hop basics portion of the lesson may get shorter.

      Interested in Therapeutic Massage when you're not dancing?

      Haley has started a massage business here in Sacramento.  For more information, check out her ad on midtownstomp.com or call her at 530.591.0403.

      Ron and Scott
      916.221.1500 for more info
      As always, let me know if you wish to not receive emails.
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