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Swing Central Summer Sensation - New Classes start June 3rd

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  • sparkbyspark
    Hey there everyone, SWING CENTRAL DJ this week = Eddie Gutman! Wow! What an event last week at Swing Central. Thank you so much for all of you who came out to
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      Hey there everyone,

      SWING CENTRAL DJ this week = Eddie Gutman!

      Wow! What an event last week at Swing Central.
      Thank you so much for all of you who came out
      to dance with us at our
      Open House on May 27th.

      We are gearing up for a great summer of dancing and
      learning at RedwoodCitySwing. We are kicking off the
      newest dance series on Tuesday, June 3rd.
      This next series has a LIVE MUSIC night included as well as
      another FREE event.
      Details are in the email below and on the website.
      We hope you can join us soon for some serious
      swing dancing and some serious fun!! : )


      New Classes Start @ Swing Central on Tuesday, June 3rd
      4 Week session
      June 3rd, 10th, 17th, & 24th
      (*June 17th - 2 events in one evening plus The Jelly Roll Souls)

      Progressive Series: 3 to choose from this session -
      a wide range of levels offered at Swing Central.

      7:00 - Fundamentals of Lindy Hop II - taught by Carla & Bromley

      7:00 - Intermediate Lindy Hop I - Lindy Transitions - taught by Rye & Jean

      8:15 - Advancing your Dancing - Inter/Adv - taught by Carla & Bromley

      ** Drop- in Beginner Class from 8:15 - 9:15 -
      taught by Eddie, Yon, Rye, and others

      CLASS DESCRIPTIONS: June Series at Swing Central

      7:00 - Fundamentals of Lindy Hop II - This class is geared
      for Beginner dancers or dancers who have only had a small
      amount of Swing / Lindy training.
      The focus will be on the Swingout, variations, styling,
      partner connection, and on HAVING FUN! Our goal is to give
      you the tools you need to get you out on the dance floor
      lindy hopping with the best of them. If you have had a few
      drop-in classes with us at Swing Central or other dance venues,
      we suggest starting with a full Fundamentals series to get started
      and make sure you are not missing any pieces of the puzzle.
      We recommend that new dancers take at least 2 to 3 Fundamentals
      sessions with us at Swing Central since each session offers
      different information all suitable for beginning dancers.
      Learning at the correct level will actually make dancing less
      frustrating and more enjoyable in the future. We strive to create an
      appropriate learning environment for our dancers in order to help
      all of you have a more enjoyable time on the dance floor for years to come! : )

      7:00 - Lindy Transitions - Intermediate Lindy Hop I -
      Focus on connecting the dots in your dancing. Think less repetition and
      more transitions (*smooth transitions) in your dancing. Your instructors
      will help you create smooth, fun, fashionable ways to move through the dance.
      You must have at least 2 solid months of lindy hop training and
      dancing before taking this class. You should already be
      familiar with swingouts, lindy circles, 6 count and 8 count rhythms,
      and basic charleston.

      8:15 - Advancing your Dancing - Inter/Adv -
      A class designed to give you a different perspective on what makes
      people feel better and look better when dancing. Increase
      your partner connection & develop your personal body movement
      with less moves and more movement. Leaders, have your follows craving
      your swingouts and loving your triple steps!! Followers, start dancing
      like the ferraris you are. We are offering this class because so many
      people are on the brink of discovering how to get over that dance hurdle.
      We want to help you push the envelope in your own dancing and
      discover so much more in your dancing self. You should have
      at least 9 months dance experience in lindy hop before taking this class.
      You should be taking classes on a regular basis
      and also be an avid social dancer. If you are not sure if this class is for you,
      please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.
      We are really looking forward to this class.


      The June Rhythm Lounge - Saturday, June 14th

      8:00 - Intermediate Lindy Hop
      8:00 - Beginner Swing Dance Essentials
      9:00 - Open Social Dancing!


      June 17th - FREE Dancing outside near Swing Central
      in downtown Redwood City
      6 - 8pm - FREE DANCING outside with Swing Central
      dancers and The Jelly Roll Souls

      June 17th - FOLLOW UP dance event at Swing Central -
      The Jelly Roll Souls @ Swing Central
      9:30 - 12midnight

      Join us for some great dancing this summer at RedwoodCitySwing.com

      Happy Dancing

      Swing Central
      1204 Middlefield Rd
      Redwood City

      See you on the dance floor soon : )
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