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Lindy in Union Square this Weds. & Doghouse for Sat. Augs 4th

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  • ckubo
    ___________________________________ This Wed Aug 01 The Doghouse is sponsoring Lindy in the Square @ Union Square http://www.lindyinthesquare.com/ (Lindy in
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      This Wed Aug 01 The Doghouse is sponsoring
      Lindy in the Square @ Union Square
      (Lindy in the Square is free)

      Free lesson by Jean and Bromley
      Performance by Lindy Champions Jean and Bromley
      DJ (Buddhadog) Chad

      This summer again Lindy Hoppers take Union Square by storm every 1st
      Wednesday of the month, giving local dancers an opportunity to cut a
      rug in the open air and show off their fancy footwork to onlooking
      crowds. Lindy Hop in Union Square is a series of free outdoor swing
      dances that welcomes both current dancers and the general public
      (i.e. soon-to-be-dancers) to participate!


      Saturday Aug 4th 2007
      The Doghouse @ ODC Dance Commons!
      351 Shotwell St., Between 17th & 18th St.

      will be teaching this week!

      Check out our website, www.doghouseswing.com, or www.lindylist.com,
      for all the details.
      7:00pm Doghouse Doors Open
      9:00pm DJed Dance Begins

      7:30pm Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hop lesson

      7:30pm Beg Lindy Hop this Sat.(every 1st and 3rd Saturday)
      7:30pm Level II Lindy Hop next Sat.(every 2nd and 4th Saturday)

      8:15pm BEGINNING SWING lesson every Saturday

      9:00pm- 12:30am Dancing!

      $15.00 for lesson and dance
      $10.00 for dance only

      $1.50 SATURDAY NIGHT PARKING @ 17th and Shotwell

      SHOES: Please wear non-marking soles.


      Swing Music Mixer
      The best DJed swing mixes from the '20s, '30s, '40s, '50s Today
      DJ (Buddhadog) Chad

      7:30-8:15pm Intermediate/Advanced Lindy Hop
      Looking for a little more challenge in your Lindy Hop? Still confused
      on how it all works? We will give you the tools you need to fix what
      ails your dancing. For those dancers who have taken Lindy Hop Levels
      1 and 2.
      Taught by Jean and Bromley

      If you�re new to dance, or want to brush up on your swing
      techniques,this class will teach you enough moves to dance the whole
      Taught by Jean and Bromley


      *7:30-9:00pm Lindy Hop Basics (Every 1st and 3rd week of the month)
      For those of you who want to learn the Lindy Hop Basics, we will make
      it easy for you to learn! We will cover Swingout from closed position,
      Swingout from open position, Lindy Circle, Charleston Kicks.
      Taught by Jennifer and Chad

      7:30-9:00pm Lindy Hop II (Every 2nd and 4th week of the month)
      Got the Lindy Basics down? Time to take the next step, Lindy II where
      you will learn the rest of the classic Lindy moves and transitions
      from 6 to 8 count steps.
      Taught by Jennifer and Chad

      No Lindy Hop Basics on the 5th week of the month

      Periodic special workshops with local and out-of-town guest teachers
      in all subjects related to swing and Lindy Hop.

      So come out and dance 'til your dogs (feet) get tired!

      I want to learn how to Swing Dance. How do I get started?

      First, show up! You don't need a partner, or you can bring one if you

      Second, take the Beginning East Coast Swing lesson at 8:15pm

      If you are a first timer, we recommend the beginning East Coast Swing
      lesson from
      8:15pm-9pm in the Main Room (Skirball)

      Don't worry! We will make it easy and fun, and you'll be dancing in
      45 minutes.

      How do I dress?

      Casual, or dress up if you like, but be ready to sweat! Ladies, high
      heels are not a good idea. Comfortable shoes with smooth, non-marking
      soles are best. There is a dressing room and lockers available.

      What is Lindy Hop?

      Lindy Hop is the original form of swing dance, also called Jitterbug.
      It was created in 1920's and 30's in Harlem by African-Americans and
      danced though the
      40's-and 50's. Named after Charles Lindbergh (Lucky Lindy) when he
      "hopped" the Atlantic
      in his plane (Spirit of St. Louis), for the first Transatlantic
      flight from the U.S. to France in 1927.

      What is the difference between East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop?

      Lindy Hop is a mixture of 6 and 8 count steps with transitions in
      East Coast Swing is an abbreviated part of Lindy Hop using just the 6
      count steps.

      How do I learn Lindy Hop?

      We recommend you come to the 7:30pm Beginning Lindy Hop class every
      1st and 3rd week of the month.
      After that, Level II Lindy Hop is every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the

      Do I need to take East Coast Swing first before I take the Lindy Hop

      No, but you will eventually need to take both since they are a part
      of the same dance.
      East Coast Swing will give beginners more variety in dance moves in
      the beginning.

      Lindy Hop is harder to learn at first, but you will never run out of
      dance moves.

      Is the dance for all ages?

      Yes, there is no alcohol, but you can have all the water you can drink.

      Where do I park?

      There is a very large parking lot owned by UCSF at the corner of 17th
      and Shotwell.
      On Saturday nights, you can park there the whole night for only $1.50!
      It is a half block from ODC Dance Commons. Please don�t leave
      valuables in your car.

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