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SF State Cannot Sustain Any More Cuts

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  • Derek J Aitken
    Parents - The following email was went out to friends and alums of the CSU. I ll hope you ll take the time send a message to the Governor, if you haven t
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      CSU Cannot Sustain Any More Cuts

      Parents –


      The following email was went out to friends and alums of the CSU.  I’ll hope you’ll take the time send a message to the Governor, if you haven’t already.


      Thanks, and have a wonderful holiday.


      Derek Aitken

      Government and
      Community Relations
      San Francisco State University




      Support the CSU: Tell the State It's Time to Reinvest



      With over 3,000 letters sent to the Governor thus far the message is being heard that higher education can no longer sustain further cuts! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send a message. If you have not yet had a chance to contact the Governor we encourage you to do so now! With the recent announcement that the trigger has been pulled, CSU is going to have to sustain an additional $100 million mid-year cut. This is on top of the already $650 million hit we took when the budget was passed earlier this year.

      The CSU had previously announced that it will not raise tuition mid-year, even with the additional $100 million cut. To get through the remaining months of this fiscal year, campuses will need to take short-term measures such as drawing on one-time reserves, delaying equipment purchases and facility maintenance work. However, starting with the next fiscal year, extremely difficult longer-term tradeoffs will have to be considered, including the possibility of additional cuts to academic programs or further increases in tuition.

      Governor Brown will release his annual state budget on January 10 and the CSU cannot sustain any more cuts.  The additional cut reduces CSU funding to $2 billion and represents a 27 percent year-to-year reduction in state support. Even with continued increases in student tuition fees, the CSU has been unable to generate enough revenue to keep pace with our state funding loss -- it is simply too large. It is time for the state to stand behind its commitment to public higher education!

      California and Governor Brown must make reinvesting in the CSU and higher education a priority if we want to keep opportunity alive for today's students.  The Governor will be deciding in the next 25 days on his proposed budget for 2012-13, and now is the time to be heard.

      We need your help! Join us in letting Governor Brown know that it is now or never!


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