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Sept./Oct. Robot Competition

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  • Joe Miller
    As discussed in this month s meeting, we are going to start preparing for our annual robot competition. Roger almost single handedly organized the whole show
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2000
      As discussed in this month's meeting, we are going to start preparing for our annual robot competition.
      Roger almost single handedly organized the whole show last year by himself. Previous officers and event coordinators left no written guideline or rules to go by. Lets change all that. I partially ignorant about the whole process but I know one or two things that can make it better, as I'm sure everyone has there idea/opinion.
      We need:
      • Event chairpersons. one per event.
      • Location Planner to work with Exploritorium regarding facility requirements.
      • Sponsorship champion.
      • Promoters and artists for a propaganda machine. Coordinate T-shirts, brochures web content, and most importantly PRESS RELEASES. I can tell you that I never would have found out about this SFRSA as early as I did if I didn't see it in a local paper a few years ago.
      • Awards champion. Perhaps the same person as sponsorship chair
      • Judges. If you don't have a robot to compete then you may be drafted as a judge.
      Anything else?
      I volunteer to:
      1. Champion the sumo matches. 
      • I will organize and direct the event. Actually I hope that come competition time everything will be organized that someone will judge and direct the competition because I want to compete in it.
      • I want to hold workshops to help other learn how to and help them build their own mini sumo bot.
      • I will institute a double eliminations bracket method of competition that will fairly and efficiently keep thing moving and interesting. This should cut the time of the competition in half.
      • Define the rules (republish the existing ones) and environmental conditions (solve the lighting issue).
      2. Co-champion along with David Calkins a Lego Mindstorms criterion. My thoughts are:
      • A criterion based event that recognizes those that pass the test with an award and perhaps www mention.
      • A three level system. Like autonomous obstacle coarse for Robot Master level (typically Lego RCX level stuff). An Robot Apprentice level for those that can build a mechanism with at least one stimulus-response behavior (Lego Scout controller level stuff). Lastly a Robot Mechanic level for those that can build a creation that moves.
      • The levels could be SFRSA's trademark events that get kids involved
      • Hold at least two workshops to demonstrate Lego Mindstorms, robotics in general, and examples of the criterion.
      • Document the proceed for future generations.
      We also need a Rope climbing chairperson that can once and for all specify a standard off the shelf rope from a national brand and bring it to the competition.
      The obstacle course kind of slacked off last year. I don't think there's much interest in that anymore. What about a micromouse ala IEEE rules. Anybody want to chair that? It might be too late now but may it can be demonstrated this time and be incorporated in next years program. There is good value in such a competition from the fact that many current robot applications require mapping capabilities.
      Any other competition?
      Please don't be bashful about volunteering, even if you don't think you are the best person for a job. Because one, nobody else is stepping up, and two there are plenty of people willing to give advise that you won't have to worry. Also this is an opportunity for you to be a part of something exciting and special. Consider it a career builder. Maybe even get a free T-shirt. I'm a busy guy like the rest so the more people we get the less work for any one person.
      Please forward this to anyone you know that does not subscribe to this egroup. Snail it to them if you have to.
      Joe Miller
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