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RSA - Meeting reminder, Wednesday March 6th

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  • David Calkins - RSA
    It s that time of the month again. No, not time to pay your bills, it s robot time! Join us at the San Francisco Exploratorium (3601 Lyons St) at 7 to hear
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2002
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      It's that time of the month again. No, not time to pay your bills, it's robot time! Join us at the San Francisco Exploratorium (3601 Lyons St) at 7 to hear all about the latest in bots - and of course, be ready for the upcoming Robot Sumo Games and Expo.

      I won't be able to make the meeting, but there will be plenty of great stuff that you'll get to see even though I'm missing it! Special thanks to Rick Washburn for holding things together while I'm out of town and leading this month's meeting.

      Here's the schedule:

      7:00-7:30 Informal Discussion and some announcements

      7:30-7:45 Discussion of the robot games on Wednesday, March 20th. Please help us advertise this anyway you can. The full info is available at http://www.robots.org/2002_Spring_Robot_Games.htm - try to get as many people to come to both the afternoon and the evening sessions as possible. We've got some great opportunities for legos, so I'd like to see as many kids and schools competing as possible. And don't forget, prizes for these games are as much as $2000! Lots of other great give-aways and competition prizes as well, so we want to see you all there. Please do your best to help promote the games. I can't do it all...

      7.45 - 8:15 Member Presentation: Building a Power Supply (Jack
      Buffington) Jack will demonstrate how to build a power supply. If you've ever fumbled for batteries or had your work area overrun with different voltaged supplies, here's your chance to get rid of it all and have one component do everything. Jack will explain how to make it quickly and cheaply!

      8.15 - 9:00 Vendor Presentation: Nanomuscles (Rod MacGregor of Nanomuscles) Rod will explain and demonstrate how to use their innovative applications of wire that responds to electric current. Most of you know about Nitinol (such as MuscleWires), well here's some pre-built applications for your bots! The amazing new NanoMuscle Actuator contains a long length of SMA Wire in a compact electromechanical device that amplifies the stroke and motion of the wire, and provides for easy mounting and controllability. These are a great way to add movement to your bots without adding much weight or a spinning motor.

      9:00 - Member announcements, demonstrations, and show-and-tell time. As always, I strongly encourage you to bring your robots!

      -David Calkins, President
      Robotics Society of America

      Silicon shall replace Carbon.
      The revolution will be automated.
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