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Don't forget - Meeting Tonight, Wed 2 Jan

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  • David Calkins - RSA
    Don t forget tonight s meeting at the Exploratorium! Lot s to talk about. This month s meeting includes: * A guest speaker - Allison Bing, author of Robot
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      Don't forget tonight's meeting at the Exploratorium!

      Lot's to talk about. This month's meeting includes:

      * A guest speaker - Allison Bing, author of "Robot Riots" will be speaking on her new book, and giving away 5 free copies. She'll also have more on hand if you'd like to buy a copy (I've read it and recommend it for anyone interested in robotic combat - SRL, Battle Bots, Robot Wars, Robotica, etc.)
      The talk will cover the following:
      1) Why are robots so popular NOW? Freud, Frankenstein, Finances, Frustration -- and Fun
      2) What's with all the fighting? Why combat rocks
      3) Creature features: Major combat bot types
      4) Combat Bot Building: A crash course
      5) Book Outtakes: Great stuff that didn't make it into Robot Riots

      * Pictures from last month's super secret SRL show! I had the opportunity to go to the first SRL show in 4 years. What a great event. I'll bring pictures and answer questions.

      * Update on this months robot exhibit at The San Jose Tech Museum.

      * Update on this Spring's Big Robot Expo and Competition at the Exploratorium, sponsored by Fujisoft and Chiba-Shoten.

      * Robots, robots, robots - surprise me and bring in your works in progress and your finished robots!
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