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Fw: Northwest Robot Sumo Exhibition

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  • Howard
    ... From: bill harrison To: howvin@home.com Sent: Monday, October 01, 2001 9:26 AM Subject: Northwest Robot Sumo Exhibition Hi, We did our first Northwest
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      Sent: Monday, October 01, 2001 9:26 AM
      Subject: Northwest Robot Sumo Exhibition


              We did our first Northwest Robot Sumo Exhibition last Saturday.
      This was to complement the annual Spring Northwest Robot Sumo
      Tournament.  The Exhibition gives builder enthusiasts a chance to see
      what their robots can do in actual competitive situations, just like at
      the Tournament, as well as a chance to show off their machines.  The
      Exhibition gives the audience a chance to watch the machines, with some
      being introduced to Robot Sumo.
              Builders have plenty of time to work on their robots before
      Spring Robot Sumo activities, if they run a robot at the Exhibition.
      Some builders can decide to get into building Robot Sumo machine, and
      have enough time to complete it before Spring.  But also, it gives yet
      one more event for Robot Sumo Enthusiasts to come participate in.
              We gave out "door prizes" by drawing names out of a hat, but
      otherwise there were no prizes.  The Mock Tournament was just for fun.
      The number two winner at the SRS Robothon, Goliath beat the number one
      winner Broken Rib in a mock grudge match.  We even had a six legged
      Robot Sumo go up against a two legged Robot Sumo.  Everyone had fun, and
      I hope excited about participating in Robot Sumo.
              Randy Carter and I designed and built a Scoreboard especially
      for Robot Sumo.  It was 8 feet wide and stood 10 feet tall!  It's made
      out of thousands of those tiny Christmas decoration lights.  The
      Scoreboard included two clocks, each with multiple functions, and
      several status indicators.  It includes places for the competitors
      names, and chaser lights for excitement.  It wasn't quite complete,
      mostly lacking the colored plastic face sheets, but had enough function
      to be used for scoring.  The audience loved it.  We'll have it polished
      up by Spring.
              We had invited examples of the new classes to be exhibited,
      along with the existing Japanese and Mini Class.  The only new class
      machines that showed up was the 20 cm sq 1 Kg Lightweight class.  No
      operational Micro or Nanos showed.  One person did have a half built
      Micro, that he showed off (I have two more incomplete Micro in my lab).
      I'm not sure about the Nano, but we are bound to see a Micro Robot Sumo
      at the next event.
              The Northwest Robot Sumo Exhibition was fun, and kicks off Robot
      Sumo for this season in the Northwest.  Good luck with all the rest of
      the Robot Sumo events for the year :-)

                      Bill Harrison
                      Head Northwest Robot Sumo
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