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Re: electronics supplies

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  • yahoo@mrreed.com
    There s a place in Berkeley called Al Lasher s electronics. It s not huge, but has a much better supply of IC s, transistors, LED s etc than Radio Shack.
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 29, 2001
      There's a place in Berkeley called Al Lasher's electronics. It's not
      huge, but has a much better supply of IC's, transistors, LED's etc
      than Radio Shack. It's at 1734 University Avenue, on the right as
      you go toward UC Berkeley. Also try Electronics Plus in San Rafael.


      --- In sfrsa@y..., billhud12000@y... wrote:
      > Hi! I am new to San Francisco, and am wondering if there are any
      > stores here which sell electronics component. There are some Radio
      > Shacks, but the nearest Fry's is in Palo Alto. Isn't there any
      > in the San Francisco area where I can just run out and buy a
      > transister or IC when I need one? Radio Shack just doesn't have
      > of a selection.
      > Thanks
      > -Bill
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