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What robotics and wireless electronics resources can help me with ...

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  • Matt Munz
    Hi all. A friend has been not too subtly encouraging me to try my hand at electronics lately, and I ve decided to give it a shot. He has grand plans for
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2001
      Hi all.
          A friend has been not too subtly encouraging me to try my hand at electronics lately, and I've decided to give it a shot.  He has grand plans for building all sorts of cool gadgets and devices and thinks I'd be able to help him.  Before commiting myself to the entire adventure, however, I thought I'd try a small (and hopefully not too expensive) project to get the feel for it. I'd really appreciate it if someone in this group could clue me in to some of the resources, on-line or otherwise, that might be pertinent to this project.
          Essentially, I'm trying to build a wireless transmitter - receiver pair of devices.  The transmitter should be small (hand-size or smaller), and pressure-sensitive.  The receiver should be compatible with pc-devices (i.e. through a serial port).  The communications should be one-way (duh) and simple.  The transmitter should transmit an "ON" signal when pressed, and the maximum range should be about 150 ft.  That's it.  
          My goal is to make this thing as durable, cheap and simple to construct as possible.  This will (I hope) allow for 1) an achieveable project for a beginner, 2) extensibility, and 3) use in more complicated projects further on (e.g., repeating the project with two+ transmitters, each with their own frequency)
          If anyone has done something along these lines, or knows of a good web-site, book, journal artical, person, etc. to go to, I'd appreciate it.  Also, do you think it'd be worth my while to stop by your next meeting?  I work in SF, so...
          Thanks for any help/advice.
          - Matt Munz
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