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SORSA Update

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  • S.O. Robotics Society
    Roboteers, Just a quick note to fill everyone in on the current status of the SORSA. We are now an official Non-Profit 501c3 again, but this time we are our
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2009
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       Just a quick note to fill everyone in on the current status of the SORSA.

       We are now an official Non-Profit 501c3 again, but this time we are our own and not just under the RSA. We got our charter and are awaiting tax exempt status hinged on a $300 filing fee.  Documents available upon request.

       We have our own bank account again with a great treasurer who also has some law background (schooling).
      Thank you Steve Ronda!

       We also have an excellent new secretary who is also a successful grant writer/getter.
      Thank you Margaret Clark!

       The current president is doing a bang up job getting everything back in order and has worked very hard to get our own Non-Profit status.
       Thank You Doug Gates!

      As per club vote, we also now have an official and an unofficial membership.

      Official paid members have voting privileges and are eligible to run for office. Paid members also get perks such as discounts on certain robotics items, eligiblity to check out books from the club library, free admission to events like RoboMaxx, and others.
      The first year of membership is $40 and with it you get an introduction packet that includes a free 'Simple-Sumo' robot kit, a free club T-Shirt, a free issue of Servo and Nuts n Volts magazines, a Laminated Club Membership card (for library, free admission, and discount use), a SORSA binder with notepad and SORSA pencil, and a few other goodies.
      Membership renewals are then $30 per year after the first year and include a free club t-shirt upon payment of membership fee.

      Non-Official (non-paid) members are welcome to attend every meeting and participate in all club activities (fee may apply to RoboMaxx event). They do not have voting rights and are not eligible to run for office.

      We do not offer a family discount as families are welcome to come for free and each paid member will want a robot of their own.

      We are very excited about the direction of the club and with the new 'Simple-Sumo' robots that each member has/gets, we have a common ground to refer to as Roboteers as well as a great competition robot to start out with.

      To my great satisfaction, I just learned that at least three of the members have already assembled their Simple-Sumo and are eager to start programming it. YAY!!!  THIS IS WHAT ROBOTICS IS ALL ABOUT!!

       I brought in a Friendly Robotics RoboMower to the last meeting and proposed the idea of using it as a base for our club robot. This unit was $2000+ new (I picked it up for $25 at a yard sale) and has great sensors, motors and wheels for just this sort of project.  This was just a proposal, no decision has been made whether to use it or not, but it would be a nice start.

       See you all at the next meeting! Looks like it'll be a big one after our recent Robot Camp volunteering and SOU presentation.

      -Dan Gates

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