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    Concerned SORS members, This email is being sent out to SORS members who have shown a concern in the recent matters and who may have been effected by some of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2008
      Concerned SORS members,
       This email is being sent out to SORS members who have shown a concern in the recent matters and who may have been effected by some of the issues needing clarification. If the general consensus is that this email should go to ALL the mailing list subscribers, I will do so.

       It was brought to my attention that I may need to clarify some issues that could be mistaken and wrongly lumped together. I spent some time looking back through correspondences and agree that these issues should be attended to in greater detail.
       Though there has been a lot of correspondence with and to me from SORS members (past and present) about the need for a better, more conducive atmosphere at the SORS meetings and lots of discussion about the lack of direction, failure to fulfill responsibility, lack of support, general rudeness,  staleness, dwindling attendance, and other issues of the club, and that it has been asked if there's something I could do about the above issues, it needs to be clarified that it was my decision and to a lesser degree three other members to do the following:
      Reconstruct the pieces of the original SORS.
      Lock down the mailing list that was being given free access to.
      And most of all sending out an announcement that the Official SORS would be moving to Medford.

      I can see in the correspondences since the announcement that it could be mistaken that the group of members who want to see a change also took part in the decision to announce that the official SORS is moving. Most all of them are in aggreeance that a club in Medford is a good idea and most all of them plan to be a part of that club and have no desire to ever attend the GP meetings again. This does not mean that they all made the decision to re-form the official SORS.

       As I have stated in other posts and emails, a discussion among some members led to me doing some research on the status of the SORS. When it was discovered that the pieces of the SORS that I founded had been discarded and or miss-used by the GP group and the fact that I knew the GP group had no desire to maintain these assets, I began to evaluate the ramifications of my attachment to these items and the possible consequences of the miss-use. It was at that time I began binding the discarded pieces back together and with the consulting of the rest of the leadership heading the Medford club, decided to rebuild the SORS rather than start a new club. This was not taken lightly and was done in consideration of the larger group of past and present SORS members who I had been in correspondence with and in consideration of the possible consequences I could face if the original SORS Pieces were left unattended.

      I personally took the actions (with counsel from new Medford group leadership) because it was my responsibility and right since those things were set in motion by me and my name was still heavily attached. Please refer to the forum for more detail about the reasoning for my actions. It would not be fair to the rest of the SORS members who want to see the changes if I did not clarify that they were not responsible for these specific actions. It is my hope that with this clarification, those members would feel more free to share their thoughts openly and I can see why they have remained quiet under the mistaken association to my actions.

      -Dan Gates

      PS John O., it was mentioned that you were not receiving these emails, so I added this email to the list.  Please let me know if you want it removed and I will do so.

      Anyone wishing to be removed from this list need only to reply with "Remove" in the subject line.

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