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Club Meetings and new time/place

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  • S.O. Robotics
    Dear club members, The original and official Southern Oregon Robotics Society will be moving it s meeting location to the Medford down-town Library, with it s
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2008
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      Dear club members,

      The original and official Southern Oregon Robotics Society will be
      moving it's meeting location to the Medford down-town Library, with
      it's first revived meeting on December 13th. The meetings will still
      take place on the second Saturday of every month, but the times will
      be changed to 10:00am to noon.

      The intent of this change is to try and get the club back on track as
      a ROBOTICS club that is 501c3 protected, holds a bank account, is
      active in the community, is about sharing ideas and helping each other
      out in the areas we don't excel in.

      Why Medford?
      Medford will be a larger pool to draw from and a central meeting
      grounds for the Southern Oregon area.

      Why morning hours?
      Many of our younger generation are not able to attend night
      meetings. Also, it's better for those of us who travel from a
      distance, we don't have to drive late at night to return home. Another
      plus is that we can all go out to lunch if we want, and/or go on
      Goodwill Salvage raids after the meeting.

      Why move this club and not just start a new one?
      Southern Oregon Robotics Society was founded to promote robotics and
      provide an atmosphere of support. It was set up with a leadership
      structure of president, vise pres, treasurer and secretary. The
      current meetings in GP have moved completely away from the original
      structure and support, abandoned its website, is no longer a
      non-profit organization, no longer uses this email account except to announce
      meetings and lately has been geared more toward R/C fliers. For these
      reasons an effort is under way to get the club back on track and in
      line with the guidelines originally laid out. It is being suggested
      that the GP meetings should continue as R/C meetings for those
      interested and that the name should be changed to accommodate.

      As the owner of this yahoo email account, I will be attaching it along with the old
      forum and website back to the original SORS group which will be meeting in
      Medford as suggested above.

      What can we expect?
      You can expect to see the group return to its affiliation under the
      RSA with a President, Vice Pres., Treasurer and Secretary. You can
      expect to see the group be more involved in community events with
      RoboMaxx making a comeback. You can expect to be encouraged with your
      ideas and allowed to share them openly without ridicule. You can
      expect help in areas where you need it (lets face it, there are three
      areas of robotics and we all can't be experts at all of them. Some are
      good with the mechanical part but have little interest in programming.
      Some have great ideas, but have no desire to build it themselves. This
      is the point of a group, to share our diversities, not to all be
      alike.) You can expect to be inspired.

      See you at the meeting December 13th, bring your ROBOTS. I expect a
      lot of new people that have never seen your robots.

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