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Last Day to register for RoboGames 2008!

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  • David Calkins
    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It s the last day to register. I know you LOVE to wait til last day, and today is it. So let s do it:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2008

      It's the last day to register. I know you LOVE to wait til last day, and
      today is it. So let's do it:

      "World's Largest Robot Competition"
      -Guinness Book of Records

      RoboGames, the world's largest open robot competition, invites mechanics,
      closet machinists, artists and engineers of all ages, skills and means to
      compete at RoboGames this June. RoboGames is listed in the Guinness book
      of records as the world's largest robot competition, and we want you to be
      a part of it! Yes! There is still time to register your robot.

      With over different 70 events to choose from, any robot, in any form, is
      welcome to compete! From art robots to autonomous navigation, robot sumo
      to fire fighting, even bots that don't fit into any category can register
      for "best of show."

      "Top Ten Best North American Geek Fests."

      The event is open to anyone, not just university students, professionals,
      or other schools. Some of the finest builders are garage mechanics and
      backyard experimenters, but RoboGames also hosts professional engineers,
      robotics companies, and other organized teams. RoboGames also encourages
      young engineers to come out and show their stuff, so we made more than 10
      events just for under-18 events with NO registration fees!

      "SportCenter's Top Ten"

      Participants will be joining an international field of competitors (over 30
      countries were represented last year) and competing for the prestigious
      gold, silver and bronze medals awarded in every event! RoboGames is an
      excellent opportunity to indulge mechanical know-how, adapt science
      fetishes for good and come out and play among fellow makers, thinkers and

      The event opens to the public June 13-15th, and fills the stands with
      people eager to see your bot.

      Register here:


      GET YOUR VERY OWN TRADING CARDS. We've brokered a deal with a local
      printing company to make trading cards for robots that compete at RoboGames
      - past and present. If you'd like your own trading cards for this years
      RoboGames, order by May 25th. Full details and ordering link here:
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