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ArtBots 2008 Call for Works!

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  • douglas repetto
    +++++++ PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY! +++++++ ArtBots 2008 Call for Works ArtBots (http://artbots.org) is pleased to announce that the fifth international ArtBots
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      ArtBots 2008 Call for Works

      ArtBots (http://artbots.org) is pleased to announce that the fifth
      international ArtBots exhibition for robotic art and art-making robots
      will take place at the Trinity College Science Gallery in Dublin,
      Ireland on September 19-21, 2008. Creators of talented robots are
      invited to submit their work for possible inclusion in the show.

      We have no fixed idea of what qualifies as robotic art; if you think
      it's a robot and you think it's art, we encourage you to submit your
      work. Regardless of whether it’s hi-tech, low-tech, or neg-tech, we’re
      interested in the ideas you’re working with, not just the gear.
      Proposals for workshops, performances, and other kinds of participation
      are also welcome.

      Each ArtBots is a bit different; the location changes and we invite new
      humans to co-curate the show with us. We hope that by changing the
      specifics of the show each year we can keep it accessible to a diverse
      range of people, works, and ideas.


      This year’s co-curators are:

      Warren Ellis: author of novels, comics, video games, and screenplays;
      blogger and creator of numerous online forums

      Marie Redmond: computer science professor; director of the MSc
      Multimedia Systems Course, Trinity College; entrepreneur

      Douglas Repetto: artist and teacher; Director of Research at the
      Columbia University Computer Music Center, director and founder of
      ArtBots, dorkbot, organism, and music-dsp


      ArtBots is a hands-on, community-oriented show, run by and for artists.
      Participating artists install their own work and are present during the
      show to meet one another, maintain their pieces, and talk with visitors.
      Each participant is given a 1000 Euro artist fee to help cover the cost
      of attending. All costs, including shipping, travel, lodging, meals,
      etc., are the responsibility of the artist. While we cannot provide
      additional monetary resources, we are happy to provide invitation
      letters or other documents that might help artists with local grant
      applications, sponsorships, etc.

      Important Dates:

      Deadline for entries: 1 May
      Acceptance notifications sent: 2 June
      Artists confirm participation by: 16 June
      Show load-in and installation: 16-18 September
      Show open: 19-21 September
      Breakdown and load-out: 22 September


      To submit your work for consideration for ArtBots 2008, please fill out
      the following form. In addition to the form, please provide
      documentation (photos, video, sounds, plans, etc.) and a brief statement
      describing the work and your motivation for creating it. Tell us why the
      work is interesting, and help us understand how it fits in the context
      of the ArtBots show.

      We strongly encourage you to create a website with your entry materials
      in an easily viewable form. This will allow the three geographically
      separated curators to view the materials as you intend them to be viewed.

      Email attachments, printed documentation, slides, videotapes, CD-ROMs,
      and DVDs are all acceptable as documentation, but will make it more
      difficult for the curators to view your work. We regret that we cannot
      return submitted materials, so please do not send originals.

      Please send your entry form and documentation to:



      c/o Douglas Repetto
      Columbia University Computer Music Center
      632 W 125th St.
      318 Prentis Hall
      New York, NY
      10027 USA

      Entries must be received by May 1st, 2008. There is no entry fee. We
      will send you confirmation via email when we receive your entry. Have fun!

      Douglas Repetto
      Marie Redmond
      Warren Ellis

      Curators, ArtBots 2008


      ArtBots 2008 is a joint production of The Science Gallery at Trinity
      College, ArtBots, and The Columbia University Computer Music Center.


      What is the Science Gallery?

      The Science Gallery is a new public science centre located in the heart
      of Dublin city. A place where ideas meet, the Gallery will bring
      together people with diverse interests and backgrounds including
      creative thinkers and young innovators, to connect, explore, create,
      debate and share ideas on science, technology and the arts, opening up
      these fields to new audiences.

      The Science Gallery ‘space’ consists of a 144-seater multimedia theatre,
      studios, café and stunning open gallery space, providing an ideal
      location for new emerging creative talent to be discovered through a
      programme of changing exhibitions, events and workshops.

      With a target audience of 15 year olds up and an emphasis on creating a
      collaborative community, the Science Gallery, which launched in February
      2008 with LIGHTWAVE, a nine-day festival exploring the art and science
      of controlling light already has over 2000 members. For more information
      on the Science Gallery and our past and upcoming programmes visit


      ArtBots 2008 Entry Form

      Title of work:

      Contact name:

      Contact email address:

      Mailing address and phone number:

      Other project members:


      What are the physical dimensions of the work and its operating area?

      How is your work powered? Does it have any special power needs?

      Does your work require access to any resources (other than electrical
      power) that you cannot provide yourself (e.g. a sound system, video
      projector, net access, special lighting, compressed air, running water,

      Is your work particularly loud, bright, or active, or does your work
      require extreme quiet, darkness, or other particular sound/light conditions?

      How long does it take you to set up your work, and how difficult is it
      to set up?

      Has the piece traveled before? Do you foresee any problems transporting
      the work?

      How long can your piece run reliably? Can it run continuously for
      several hours over the course of several days? Does it need frequent

      Is this a completed work, or is it still being designed or built?

      If it is still in the planning stages, what is your timeline for
      completing the piece?

      List any elements of your work that are potentially dangerous or may
      cause fire/safety code problems in indoor spaces (gas engine, fire,
      hazardous chemicals, projectiles, etc.):

      Is there anything else you think we should know about your work?

      ........ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show.......
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