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Discount for Robotics Seminar in SF, Wed Apr 11th

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  • David Calkins
    Hi guys! This event looks really cool, and they re offering us a $20 discount if you want to buy tickets. Title: Best of the Best in a Growing Robotics
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2007
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      Hi guys! This event looks really cool, and they're offering us a $20
      discount if you want to buy tickets.

      Title: Best of the Best in a Growing Robotics Industry
      Date: Wednesday, April 11, 2007
      Location: Grand Hyatt - Union Square (345 Stockton Street, San Francisco)
      Host: Churchill club

      Colin Angle, CEO & Co-founder, iRobot Corporation
      Caleb Chung, Inventor and Co-Founder, UGOBE, Inc.
      Soren Lund, Director, Lego Mindstorms
      Sebastian Thrun, Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University

      Elizabeth Corcoran, Sr. Editor, Silicon Valley Bureau, Forbes Magazine

      Expect them everywhere. Advanced robots are coming to life and they
      are more prevalent and popular than ever. From a smart vacuum to an
      adorable and emotional baby dinosaur, the sky is the limit when it
      comes to the future of robots. They protect, amuse, inspire and leave
      us in awe. They climb, scramble, roll and fly. What's next?

      Join us to meet the masters of robotic innovation within a rapidly
      growing $6 billion industry. Hear the latest developments from the
      ingenious entrepreneurs and passionate researchers who have made major
      contributions to the industry. Listen to a panel discussion on growing
      trends within the robotics industry, including advances in Artificial
      Intelligence and how everyday people are using robots to save money,
      enhance quality of life and increase productivity.

      - Registration: 06:00 PM
      - Buffet: 06:00 PM
      - Program: 07:00 PM


      When buying tickets, enter the code: d7220223 on the payment type page
      - and it will reflect the $20 discount. It's not the first page, but
      don't worry - it's before you pay.

      [If this email repeats multiple times on yahoogroups, I'm sorry. I
      swear I only send one email. Yahoogroups has been really weird of
      late with repeating lots of messages.]
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