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Fwd: Robotic Moving Sale Oct 22nd (pls forward)

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  • David Calkins - RSA
    ... Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 13:44:45 -0700 From: Alexander Rose Reply-To: zander@inertia-labs.com Subject: Robotic Moving Sale Oct
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2005
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      Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 13:44:45 -0700
      From: Alexander Rose <zander@...>
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      Subject: Robotic Moving Sale Oct 22nd (pls forward)
      To: Alexander Rose <zander@...>

      We are moving our machine shop and we have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF. A decade
      of robotic combat, burning man and general stupidity has left us with a
      rediculously huge amount of cool stuff that even if we lived to 1000
      years old we would never get a chance to play with...

      Garage sale starts at 10am - 245 Gate 5 Rd. in Sausalito CA 94965 on
      Saturday October 22nd (and 23rd if stuff is still left) we will have a
      big garage sale. Everything must go.

      Details here (please check this site for updates on weather and pictures
      of stuff etc):

      * Tools - machine shop and woodworking
      * Robot Parts
      * Gear Motors
      * Metal - titanium, aluminum, stainless etc
      * Batteries and Chargers
      o nicads 24 and 36 V
      o NiMh 24v
      o Lipoly 11.1v 400-1200Mah
      o 10 Graupner chargers
      o many other chargers and batteries
      * Pneumatic stuff
      * Wheels and hubs, solid foam and pneumatic
      * Chains, cogs, and gears
      * Military surplus
      * Weird stuff
      * household stuff
      * futon couch
      * sporting goods
      o mountaineering gear
      o snowboards (and one split board)
      o rock climbing stuff

      We will update that site with lists of stuff and pics as we go through it...

      (Please forward this message to people or appropriate lists)

      Alexander Rose
      Inertia Labs (partner)

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