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Zach's Cool Stuff update for May 2005

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  • Zach
    Our very popular 8 week Electronics Prototyping class will be starting June 1. Learn the basics of electronic design while building your own electronic
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2005
      Our very popular 8 week Electronics Prototyping class will be starting
      June 1. Learn the basics of electronic design while building your own
      electronic creation. At the end of this class you will walk away with
      a fully functional electronic gadget on a circuit board that you
      designed. Cost: $350

      For the future robotic engineer (ages 6-12) we have our
      Robotics-4-Kids week long robot building workshop June 27-July 1.
      Kids will learn about math, science, and engineering while building
      fun and exciting robots in this action packed week. Cost: $275

      We also have our Ro-Boat class for teenagers July 11-22. In this
      class students will learn to use sophisticated technologies (GPS,
      electronic compasses, etc.) to program their floating creation to
      navigate treacherous waters of Lake Merritt.

      As always, we offer full and partial scholarships to those who
      couldn't normally afford the tuition costs associated with our
      classes. Please email scholarships@... for more info.

      If you have read this far, than you must really be interested in what
      we do at ZCS. So, I figured this month I would include some info on
      the cool projects we are working on.

      One -BIG- project we are working on is our "Parts Vending machine".
      This machine is a 12 foot long, 6 foot high shelving unit containing
      400 plastic bins. These bins hold everything from motors and
      resistors to nuts and bolts. We are in the process of building and
      mounting the robotic system to the front of the shelves which is
      capable of grabbing the proper bin and delivering it to the receiving
      station where the students can grab their parts. In addition to just
      finding the parts, this device will keep inventory and automatically
      order more parts when stock is low.

      Another project we are working on is an interactive video display. ZCS
      is located just a few blocks from BART, and we get tons of people
      walking by our space. We thought it would be fun to give these
      passerbys something cool to interact with. This is where the idea
      began. We are going to use a camera and a video projector to create a
      large "magic mirror" which will be projected onto one of our large
      picture windows. This "magic mirror" will act just like a standard
      mirror allowing observers to see themselves. However, a computer will
      warp and modify certain areas of the image to create fun and cool
      effects. Imagine seeing your head "blow-up" like a balloon as you
      walk by.

      Another new project we are doing is our BBQ-bot. While walking though
      Ikea the other day, I saw something that looked just like the first
      Russian satellite Sputnik.
      Instead, it turned out to be a stainless steel spherical BBQ.
      However, I could tell that it was destined to become a robot. So, I
      bought one and have started adding wheels, motors, and sensors. I'll
      be posting some pictures of this on the website soon.

      Last and definitely not least, I have been working on a special
      project with my wife. Our daughter, Taylor Jules Radding was born
      last week. She is a healthy 6lb-12oz beautiful baby girl.

      That's it for this month, I hope to see you in a class soon!

      ZCS Director, Instructor, and Builder of Cool Stuff
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