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  • Loyal@n2.com
    Thanks to OSDN.ORG s multitude of Internet terminals, I can report to you about some comments made moments ago by HP s chielf scientist and spokesman for HP
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2000
      Thanks to OSDN.ORG's multitude of Internet terminals, I can report to
      you about some comments made moments ago by HP's chielf scientist and
      spokesman for HP Labs:

      During a speach he gave here in San Jose, Calif., on Wednesday, (a
      presentation that turned into your worst nightmare scenario: First a
      slide he showed had not been updated to his presentation laptop. (it
      was supposed to be all orange but had mostly pink). Then, the audio
      on the video completely failed. Total silence. He asked if there was
      going to be any audio and a loud 'click' seemed to reply there would
      not. It, the commercial-like video, turned out better with him talking
      the packed auditorium thru the clips. He has a good sense of humor,
      at least. (but I think he was royally pissed) ), .........

      It was repeated again and again how appliances, already your shaver
      has 8k of memory, would all have their own web pages and talk to each
      other with wireless (IR?) links. A child could learn spanish simply by
      pointing his/her watch at an object in the room, and the watch would
      download the name of the object from its web page.

      Of course, he made the point that the "Web Page" net were used to
      would be as dramatically different in a few years as browsers turn
      into the paper-punch tape and batch processing jobs of yesteryear.
      You ask for what you want or what you want done, and it
      happens--seemlessly--as agents and authorized brokers do your bidding
      for you.

      Film clip: A man driving and studying a direction map on-screen in
      his windshield got an alert his car was breaking down (note present
      tense!). He happened to be near a gas station and his car contacted
      it to be ready to make the necessary repairs. So the guy pulls in and
      the paperwork is already for him to sign. But he was in a hurry to
      get to a meeting, so he says to the attendant, "all I need now is a
      cab." One is shown pulling up in the station. Pretty soon, he says
      "all I need is a million dollars." But the announcer said "there are
      some things in life you do have to work at." Okay, it got kinda

      But the point is made that every thing, not just people or pets (yes,
      the firemen rescued Fee Fee because her web page told them where to
      find her), will have a web address. Buildings will have blueprints
      online and wireless to give to fireman with displays in their mask.

      Of course, and it's getting more commercial sounding by the
      minute--but consider where I'm standing--at a trade show--- Linux will
      make this possible, the pervasive computing environment, and be
      embedded into everything (good thing nobody mentioned this during the
      Y2K bug scare we had last year).

      Well, looks like robots will have an easier time, too. They would
      never get lost. Just log on to a wall's web page and ask where they
      are. Robots needed solar energy to recharge would download the
      Internet weather report broadcasting from the building they are inside
      of, etc.

      Did I do the cellular phone yet?.... Suppose you leave your cell phone
      in the taxi cab behind. No problem. Because of biometrics being
      incorporated into everything, the phone would simply send the phone
      bill to whomever the next person is to use it. <LOL>
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