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Re: [sfrsa] Beginnerish - help help help plz =)

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  • Nathaniel Martin
    Hi Dave- Try Scott Edward s basic stamp book: programming and customizing the basic stamp computer. We carry it ( http://www.robotstore.com ) as well as
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 16, 2000
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      Hi Dave-

      Try Scott Edward's basic stamp book: "programming and customizing the
      basic stamp computer." We carry it ( http://www.robotstore.com ) as
      well as robotbooks.com and probably amazon and barnes and noble (pick
      your favorite!)

      I can help you out if you want. I'll log onto AIM, I'm Robotic Nat.

      -Nathaniel Martin
      Mondo-tronics tech support

      >I have a few projects waiting that I'd like to do, but I have no
      >experience with the BS2. For a few months on and off I've been
      >studying the Programming manual. I have a very basic idea of how the
      >stamp works now, and recently I analyzed the source code from Henry
      >Arnold's Cricket Robot. While I was reading, I found that it was
      >very difficult to follow. I still don't have a very good idea of how
      >you go about programming. In terms of format in which you type the
      >code, the Manual is very vague. Is there a better book out there.
      >I'm sure once I get going it won't be that hard . . . then I can re-
      >read the manual and it will make more sense. I was wondering if
      >there is some way I could get a little hands on programming
      >experience or a book that is more clear. Or, if someone were willing
      >to help me out (ICQ or AIM) that would be wonderful. Thanks a lot
      >for any help.
      >-dave- =)
      >Be sure to visit our web site at

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