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  • Terry Slocum
    Thanks Jack, I just put some L298 s on order. I couldn t find them locally (Northbay). I just hope they get here in time for me to be ready for the next
    Message 1 of 2 , May 24, 2003
      Thanks Jack,

      I just put some L298's on order. I couldn't find them locally (Northbay). I just hope they get here in time for me to be ready for the next meeting. I may just try making a "Roll Your Own" motor controller in the mean time. I'll let you know how it goes.


      --- In sfrsa@yahoogroups.com, "Jack Buffington" <j1432@h...> wrote:
      > I'll get two replys with one stone here...
      > Terry,
      > You could check out the L298N H-bridge chip. It can handle up to 55 Volts
      > and 3 Amps. That is what I am using on my corner-finding robot. I have
      > gotten the robot far enough that the robot can move on its own but needs
      > some programming to be able to follow a wall. If only I had more free
      > time... In any case, you could check out the very disorganized page that I
      > have on my website about h-bridges.
      > http://www.buffingtonfx.com/j1432/proj/dee_dum/dee_dum2.html
      > I see that I am quoting a different spec for the L298 on that page. Maybe
      > the 298 and 298N are different or the specs have changed.
      > If you are really adventurous you could try making your own! I have before
      > and have run into a lot of trouble. These days things are a bit different.
      > Circuits are different too. I have wanted to try building an H-bridge out
      > of some IRLZ44 Hexfets and some good Schottky diodes for a while now but it
      > is that time thing again...
      > Frederick,
      > Two wheels that are offset should work but might make your navigation
      > trickier. It will take a little extra torque to turn the robot because you
      > will be forcing the wheels to slide sideways just a bit when you are
      > turning. Other than that it should work. One thing you might do is think
      > about getting some bevel gears. That way you can have your motors side by
      > side and then have your wheels aligned. I bought some bevel gears from
      > Stock Drive Products a few months ago. I think that they were only $14 for
      > a pair of them.
      > -Jack
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