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601Re: are their any good active email list for robot ethusiast on the internet?

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  • Dan Gates
    Nov 3, 2001
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      If you're like me and just can't get enough, I joined all the above
      mentioned groups, plus the best and most active was not even in the
      list, http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/theroboticsclub which has over
      1600 members... that's even bigger than Seattle's list serve. And the
      people there always are willing to help!!

      --- In sfrsa@y..., "Jon Nebenfuhr" <ionteux@e...> wrote:
      > Other than those already mentioned, you may want to peek at:
      > groups.yahoo.com/group/Electronics_101 for basic electronics
      > groups.yahoo.com/group/handyboard
      > groups.yahoo.com/group/beam
      > groups.yahoo.com/group/legged-robots
      > groups.yahoo.com/group/oopic
      > groups.yahoo.com/group/PICBots
      > groups.yahoo.com/group/rugwarrior
      > groups.yahoo.com/group/srs-avr
      > Some of the groups have more to do with microcontrollers than
      > but they are good to read just for ideas or to see what kind of
      > others have and possible fixes. Robotics are pretty much just a set
      > mechanical and electronic responses of whatever you design them for,
      > not for and become surprised.
      > Also run a group search under "robotics" or "microcontroller" or
      > and you can do a general search on the WWW for news groups in
      > Remember there are no stoopud questions, just ones you wished you
      > earlier.
      > ~J
      > --- In sfrsa@y..., kevin@f... wrote:
      > > are their any good active email list for robot ethusiast on the
      > > internet?
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