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475Fw: Robot Sumo Network Roll Call

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  • Howard
    Sep 1, 2001
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      Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 7:04 PM
      Subject: Robot Sumo Network Roll Call


              Well, it's the time of year I start the ball rolling again.  I
      should have started this a month or so ago, but am pretty tied up in

              First order of business is to check the mailing list and sort
      things out.  This message is to find out which of you wish to remain on
      the list, if you know of anyone that wants to be added to the list, or
      if anything should be changed about your listing.  I'm also interested
      in suggestions of how you want me to run the list (this is how I learn).

              So, I would like each of you to reply to this e-mail and let me
      know about the status of your listing on the network.  Include any
      comments or suggestions.

              I'm busy reworking and updating the Northwest Robot Sumo rules
      for the next Robot Sumo season.  I'm short on time to work on it, so
      it's going slow, but the biggest problem is that the officials in Japan
      have been slow to send me information.  I need this information from
      Japan to keep our rules compatible, so I'd rather wait to get them, so I
      can include them into our rules.
              For now, it looks like the Ring may have changed, but I can't
      get any official confirmation of this, so I'll hold off on the
              We are adding three new classes to the existing classes.  They
      will also have remote control as well as autonomous divisions.  The new
      classes in the rules will be:  Lightweight (20 by 20 cm and 1 Kg, no
      sticky wheels or vacuum), Micro (5 by 5 by 5 cm (yes it has a height
      restriction) 100 gm, no sticky wheels or vacuum), and Nano (2.5 by 2.5
      by 2.5 cm, no mass restriction, no sticky wheels or vacuum).  These are
      along with the existing Japanese and Mini Class Robot Sumo.
              We probably will only run the lightweight class, of the new
      classes, next Spring at the Northwest Robot Sumo Tournament.  The other
      new classes may be added to the competition at a later date (when more
      of them are built).

              This should be an interesting new year in Robot Sumo, I'm
      excited to see how things develop.

                      Bill Harrison
                      Head Northwest Robot Sumo