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421Minutes from 6/12/01 Robot Club of Traverse City meeting

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  • Paul F. Grayson
    Jun 30, 2001
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      Next Meeting:

      Saturday 7/14/01
      1 PM to 4 PM
      1892 Pinewood Ave., Traverse City, MI 49684
      (workshop meeting) Bring your project and your tools.

      Minutes from the Robot Club 06/12/01 meeting:

      The club welcomed a new international member, Pat Caron from Canada.
      Pat is building a large robot dog and demonstrated a miniature version he
      has built to test the walking routine.

      Derck Robinson showed the control board he is building for his sumo
      wrestling robot. If you want to challenge Derck's robot for the Traverse
      City Sumo Wrestling Champion Title, now is the time to start building.

      There was a wide ranging discussion that covered such topics as soldering to
      where robots will be in 15 years. Back issues of the magazines UNMANNED
      VEHICLES ( http://www.uvonline.com ) and UNMANNED SYSTEMS
      http://www.auvsi.org ) were displayed to show
      the current state of technology.

      Good news, the missing banner of P-3 and the cardboard cutout of T-2 were
      found in storage. Everyone was glad to se them back on display at the

      The members all seem to be in favor of moving the club meeting day to
      Saturday afternoon, with workshop time added.

      I attended the INTERNATIONAL ROBOTS & VISION SHOW in Chicago which ran June
      5-7, 2001 and saw amazing things at the trade show. Pictures of the Canada
      FIRST contest winners will be available as soon as I get my film developed.
      The trade show is held every
      two years to highlight the industrial used of computer vision and robot
      Paul F. Grayson - Chief Engineer
      1892 Pinewood Ave.
      Traverse City, MI 49684-9022
      (231) 946-0187, FAX (231) 946-1122
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