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2011Location Update **Important**

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  • S.O. Robotics Society
    Mar 31 9:56 AM
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       This is an important notice about our meeting place!!

      Kid Time Museum has moved to its new location downtown in the old historic center building. They have created a special meeting room and are continuing to allow us to be a partner with them. We are very excited about the new location and looking forward to our first meeting in this building on April 9th, 10am as usual.  We are not quite sure what entry they will have us use on a regular basis, but for this coming meeting we'll monitor the front main doors.

      The History Center is located at 106 N. Central Avenue in Medford.

      Please keep in mind that the weekend of the 9th is also the Pear Blossom festival and parking will be a bit of a challenge, but we ARE having a meeting!  Come down, enjoy the parade and then sit in on a meeting before spending the afternoon at the festival.

      It's a bit ironic that the technology of the future is now meeting in the history building... I love it!  (perhaps we need to create some Steam Punk robots so we fit in.)

      As always, Keep Building Robots!