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1951Re: KicChip

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  • woodr_2
    Oct 31, 2008
      Hey Michael:

      I am new to this list - so hi everyone!
      Those IC's look neat, I assume they are just PICS with some
      pre-programmed interpreter, or partitioned off area where KicChip puts
      some of their lower-level stuff. Does / do any of those packages
      allow for hardware or timer interrupts? When you mention the 20 mhz /
      frequencies, is that internal, or can we speed it up with an external

      I like BASIC. I was afraid of having to learn assembly. On the other
      hand, do many robotics people in here program in assembly, or is the
      consensus that its more of a waste of time to learn and troubleshoot?
      As a bit of background, I have have already used a language called
      BASIC18 with a PIC18F - so I am somewhat familiar with the PIC - just
      not hardcore'ly familiar with it. I want to program a PID controller
      that ideally can handle a few servo motors, as well as generate
      simplistic motion profiles (trapezoid). Has anyone done this / what


      --- In sfrsa@yahoogroups.com, "michaelcollier" <michaelcollier@...> wrote:
      > Hi
      > Here is a new Micro Controller (PIC Based) that should interest robot
      > enthusiasts.
      > http://www.kicchip.co.uk
      > It uses a simple 3 wire inteface to connect to computer - so no need
      > for extra expensive programming hardware.
      > The development software is free to download and includes flowchart
      > design tool.
      > It can handle various robotic type devices such as Motors, Servos,
      > Lights etc.
      > Michael Collier
      > KicChip
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