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1936Robot Club Meeting In Grants Pass Saturday

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  • S.O. Robotics
    Jul 9, 2008
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      MEETING: This months meeting of the Southeren Oregon
      Robotics club will be held this Saturday July 12th
      at Pizza Hut in Grants Pass.  The address is 1465 NE
      6th St, Grants Pass.  The meeting starts at 6pm sharp!

      We will probably visit the Stepper Drive Challenge again briefly as I expect those that didn't quite finish their projects last month will be ready to give impressive demonstrations of their work this month.  :-)

      Gary presented a new challenge at the end of the meeting last month.  The challenge is to demonstrate serial communications using your choice of Atmel processors.  The objective is to establish both transmission and reception of text between your STK or other project board and a laptop running a terminal program.  A great terminal program for this kind of thing is posted on the LineBot forum at: 


      Someone meeting this challenge using the Tiny13 "just might" win a nice little prize for their efforts!

      This will be my last month sending out these meeting notices.  I have been doing this for several years and think it's time to pass the torch.  I hope someone will step up to take this over at the meeting.

      As always, we will have "Show and Tell" time at the meeting for
      anything you are working on.  So bring your projects
      to the meeting!  Also remember that this time can be
      used to announce events of interest or for just about
      anything else that is robotics related.

      Bring your bots, eat some pizza, and have a great time.

      See ya there!   ...John

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