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1925Robot Club Meeting In Grants Pass This Saturday

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  • S.O. Robotics
    Apr 10, 2008

      MEETING: This months meeting of the Southeren Oregon
      Robotics club will be held this Saturday April 12th
      at Pizza Hut in Grants Pass. The address is 1465 NE
      6th St, Grants Pass. The meeting starts at 6pm sharp!

      The meeting will focus on the Stepper Drive Challenge.
      For anyone that missed the last meeting, please come
      and get up to date on this. There is still time to
      enter the project and win a Parallax Digital
      Oscilloscope! The prize will be awarded at the May
      meeting. Here's your chance to learn about stepper
      driving with the Tiny13 and win a cool scope.
      Discussion of this project is on the LineBot forum at:

      At the moment I'm (John) sick so I might not make the
      meeting. If I make it I have a lot of cool stuff to
      bring including the LynxMotion hexapod we talked about
      last month. Other good stuff too. Hope to see you

      As always, we'll have "Show and Tell" time for
      anything you are working on so bring your projects
      to the meeting! Also remember that this time can be
      used to announce events of interest or for just about
      anything else that is robotics related. For

      If you have stumbled into a particularly interesting
      website or scrounged a really cool part from some
      piece of junk, please share it with everyone. The
      only restriction is that it needs to have some
      connection to robotics.

      BringYourBots and Eat Some Pizza!!!


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