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1913Robot Club Meeting In Grants Pass Saturday

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  • S.O. Robotics
    Sep 5, 2007
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      MEETING: This months meeting of the Southeren Oregon
      Robotics club will be held this Saturday September 8th
      at Pizza Hut in Grants Pass. The address is 1465 NE
      6th St, Grants Pass. The meeting starts at 6pm sharp!

      At the last meeting we delivered the first batch of
      LineBot kits. Hopefully, those that received them
      have them up and running with at least the test code.
      I have just completed another dozen kits so anyone
      that was not able to get one at the last meeting
      should be able to get one this time. The price
      remains the same at $15 for the board with SMT parts
      installed and the through hole parts in a bag. I
      still have some of the Solarbotics GM-10 motors with
      wheels and tires for $10.

      Hopefully, at least some of you have been working on
      your own code for the bot. I have not seen much
      activity on the forum. I hope that is not an
      indication of progress! :) At this meeting we will
      discuss the schematic and some basic aspects of
      programming. The explanation of circuit operation
      should be enormously helpful to anyone writing code so
      you don't want to miss this meeting. I hope those
      that have made some programming progress will share
      their experience with the group. I'll bring my line
      follower board for anyone that wants to show off their

      As always, we'll have "Show and Tell" so bring along
      your LineBot and anything else you are working on to
      share with the group.

      BringYourBots!!! ...John

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