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1909Re: [rsa] RoboGames volunteers needed!

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  • Z Z
    Jun 11 4:26 PM
      Is it too late to volunteer on Saturday?  Thanks.

      David Calkins <dcalkins@...> wrote:
      RoboGames - the international robot competition with 560 robots from
      30 countries, is 2 weeks away.

      I'm looking for volunteers. Anyone who can spend a day (or 4)
      helping. You'll get in free, you get to meet people from around the
      world, learn about robots (combat, soccer, androids... depending on
      where you volunteer), and drink my free beer at the Friday night
      VIP/staff/contestan t party.

      Event is Thur-Sun, June 14-17 at Ft. Mason. Event details here:
      http://www.robogame s.net

      Please email me if you can help. I can fill you in more as to
      positions and times if you're interested.

      Feel free to forward this to any lists or friends.


      -David E. Calkins
      Director, SFSU Engineering Design Center & Robotics Lab
      President, Robotics Society of America / RoboGames
      http://www.robogame s.net
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      The revolution will be automated.

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