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1901Two weeks to PDXbot

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  • Larry Geib
    May 6, 2007
      Take stock-

      Is your Line following robot acting like a free range chicken
      wandering around the barnyard?

      Did your Sumo robot get pushed off the ring by that block of wood you
      were using to test it?

      Does your racing walker seem like it's doing a Tim Conway "Little Old
      Man" impersonation?

      Did it just occur to you that "right hand rule" doesn't refer to that
      gesture your kid gave you, but to a strategy for your line maze robot?

      Is the closest your RoboMagellan robot's gotten to a cone the time
      you had it in the trunk of the car the last time you went to Ben And

      Get BUSY! TWO WEEKS TO PDXbot!

      PDXbot starts at 10:00 AM Saturday, May 19th at the Lloyd Center
      Doubletree Exhibit Center and includes the full gamut of robot fun.
      Beginner and Advanced Line Following, all sorts of Sumo, PARTS -
      Walker Race, Talent Show, SRS Line Maze, and the Dorkbots Art Robot

      We will also have demonstrations from other area groups, including
      FIRST, Vex, FIRST Lego League, ITT Tech, Oregon State University
      Robotics Group, and The Boise Area Robotics Group.
      Vendor tables, tech exhibits, prizes, raffles, T-shirts and much more
      will be offered.

      The SRS- RoboMagellan navigation contest is set for the next day,
      Sunday, May 20th on the South Park blocks on the PSU campus, same place
      as last time, just south of the Smith Center. Start time is 11AM.
      Don't miss this great contest, either as a competitor or as
      spectator. These robots are getting better each time out.

      Keep up to date on the latest news and information about PDXbot at


      You'll find info on rules, directions to the Doubletree and Portland
      State, sponsor information and everything you'll need to know
      to attend.

      And, tune up those robots. It's a lot more fun when great robots show
      off their stuff.

      Time to take stock of your robot stable and start making them ready
      to compete! Every robot that shows up has a chance at a prize.