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1835RE: [rsa] Re: Volunteers needed for RoboGames

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  • Terry Kremin
    Jun 7, 2006
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      or, of course, just click on the provided hyperlink at the bottom of the page -


      Terry Kremin, Ph.D.
      Postdoctoral Fellow
      Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center, UCSF

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      You could, uh, Google 'fort mason'....

      daveleb55 <daveleb55@...> wrote:


      Sounds like an exciting time! 600 people from all over the world!
      Where the hell is Fort Mason? I assume it's in the USA, but beyond
      that I've no clue. The other 599 people from around the world may not
      know either. It would be nice if these Robot Olympiads and whatnot
      would include a more specific location in their promo's. Inquiring
      minds want to know!


      --- In sfrsa@yahoogroups. com, David Calkins <dcalkins@.. .> wrote:
      > Hi all!
      > RoboGames is June 16-18th at Ft. Mason - 430 robots coming in from
      > aroudn teh world. Walking bots, sumo bots, combat bots, analog
      bots -
      > all sorts.
      > We of course need volunteers!
      > Wed-Thu 14-15 June is set up. Mostly grunt work, but also builder
      > Fri-Sun 16-18 June is the event. Lots of cool stuff going on, and
      > plenty of posititons.
      > Mon 19 Jun is tear down. Oh, the ugliness...
      > This is a great event with 600 people from around the world. As a
      > volunteer, you get to meet lots of people and see amazing robots!
      > many positions here to list - from robot wrangler to pit-runner to
      > soccer referee...
      > We could also use some donated laptops. the RSA is a 501c3, and
      > can give you a tax-deductable reciept. ANY laptop, any processor,
      > OS - so long as it is network capable and has a browser.
      > Please respond off-list if you'd like to help out or can donate a
      > Thanks guys!
      > -David E. Calkins
      > Director, SFSU Engineering Design Center & Robotics
      > President, Robotics Society of America / ROBOlympics
      > http://www.robolymp ics.net
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