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  • Terry Slocum
    Jan 1, 2004
      What is going on at this months meeting? Speaker? Videos from the December


      Date: 31 Dec 2003 20:27:15 -0000
      From: sfrsa
      Subject: Reminder - SF Monthly Robot Meeting

      We would like to remind you of this upcoming event.

      SF Monthly Robot Meeting

      Date: Saturday, January 3, 2004
      Time: 12:00PM - 5:00PM PST (GMT-08:00)

      Don't forget to join us for our monthly robotics meeting -
      remember they are now on Saturday at SFSU, NOT on Wednesday at
      the Exploratorium.

      The address of San Francisco State University is 1600 Holloway.
      The Science building is on 19th avenue between Stonestown and
      Holloway. The room number is SCI 256.