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125Re: [sfrsa] Annual Robot Games

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  • Jeanette Eya-Zeissig
    Aug 2, 2000
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      >Good idea for an open class event. But then an open class event could be so
      >wide that defined tasks may be too limiting. How about award classes for
      >most original, best engineered, best stupid-robot-trick, etc, etc.
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      >Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2000 11:02 PM
      >Subject: Re: [sfrsa] Annual Robot Games
      >> One way to structure contest rules is to give points for each of the
      >> tasks... if a robot can not do a particular task... is misses those
      >> but can still score with the things it can do.
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      I think what Paul is getting at here is an event like the decathlon
      in which the overall winner frequently does not come in first in any of the
      sub-events, but manages to win the overall competition by dint of stellar
      performances in a few sub-events or consistently mediochre to good results
      across the board. This consideration was behind my remark that I should
      have participated in last year's games in spite of my fear that
      Fuzzknuckles (my 'bot) would fail the stair-climb. I like this idea, and,
      with the addition of adjustability on some of the apparatus to appease
      nervous nellies like my previous self, it could go pretty much like the
      obstacle courses of the past. "Charm" awards should be given regardless of
      the final details of the event. How does that sound?

      John Zeissig



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