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1244RSA - July Robot News and Events

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  • David Calkins - RSA
    Jul 1, 2003
      RSA July Newsletter

      Robot Games & Expo-Sunday July 27!

      Competition, Events, and Just Plain Cool Stuff

      From NASA explorers to homemade robots, the RSA Robot Games and Expo has it all! See demonstrations, displays, and a multitude of ingenious competitions. Everyone is encouraged to come and watch - or better yet, bring their own robot to compete (or just rent a one for a short match.) The event will also feature robot related slides, videos, lectures, displays, interactive bots, and other great events.

      When: Sunday, July 27th, 12-7pm
      Where: Ft Mason: map
      How Much: $10 for adults, kids are free!
      Questions? 03-07@...

      Ant Weight Combat - SOZ bots are back in a destructive flurry to determine top bot. Robot Sumo - Compete in amateur robotics oldest surviving sport! Walker Challenge - We want your 4-, 6-, or 8-legged walking 'bots! The Line Slalom - 10-foot curved track. No remote controls. Are you good enough? Lego Mindstorms Challenge - Anyone with a Lego Mindstorms kit can compete. B.E.A.M. Robot Competition - Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics - Fast as fast can be! Aibo Performer - Competitors program their Aibos to perform tricks or routines. Cutest bot wins. Open/Best of Show - Best engineered, youngest builder, best Lego design and others. Bring any 'bot you've got!

      The rules for the above are here.

      Registration - Not that anyone ever listens to me, but please register your robot. I'm making it very simple:
      Just send me an e-mail. Include your name, your robots name, and the competition (mini-sumo, ant-weight, best of show, etc.). If you are do not pre-register, you probably won't compete.

      Summer Game Highlights

      Singapore Team to Compete!
      Once again, Ngee Ann Polytechnic will be bringing a team of students and teachers to compete in the 3 kg sumo class. For those who remember, this fantastic group competed at our Spring Games last year at the Exploratorium. If they can take the time and money to fly all the way across the Pacific, you can field your own 3 kg sumo - even if you have to upgrade your 500g mini or build a new one!

      This is a great opportunity to test your full sized sumos! I'm upping the prize money to $300 for 3 kg sumos. The winner of the 500g mini-sumo competition will still pull in $100.

      HOAP flies to America
      Thanks to the efforts of Cliff Thompson, we have an amazing guest for the Summer Games - Fujitsu's $75,000 HOAP walking robot! Don't miss this chance to see it!

      Vendors at Games
      There will be lots of vendors at the games - both selling robots as well as just demonstrating them. So if you've been thinking about buying a robot, or just need some parts for your tool box, don't forget your checkbook!

      Bay Area Events
      Next SF meeting - Postponed til July 12th!
      Due to the Independence Day holiday weekend, we will not have our monthly meeting on July 5th (I hate it when I'm the only one who shows up...)

      We've postponed the meeting a week, so I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, July 12th at noon instead.

      No more pizza until September, so eat before you arrive.

      Robotic Summer Classes
      LEGO Robotics Day Camps coming up this August.� They're still taking enrollments for August 25-29 (Fremont) and August 11-15 in Cupertino.� Details are at Robotics Learning.

      NUMMI Tour
      If you haven't already registered for the robotic factory tour of NUMMI in Fremont on Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 1:00 PM, send Jack Buffington an e-mail. We need ten people to make this happen (although no more than 20.) There are no cameras allowed on the tour.

      LocationDate  Event
      Salisbury, NCJul 4–5NCRSF
      Toronto, ONJul 5–6Robot Riots
      Las Vegas, NVJul 14-18K'NEX K*bot
      Corvallis, OR Jul 18-20daVinci Days
      Manhattan, KSJul 19Great Plains Robot Showdown
      Ft. Benning, GAJul 22-25AUVS Aerial Robotics Comp
      San Jose, CAJul 25-29Natl Conf on A.I.
      Grand Prairie, TXJul 26Ant Rebellion
      Tallahassee, FL Jul 26Berserker Robotics
      San Francisco  Jul 27RSA Summer Games and Expo!
      San Diego, CAAug  7-10AUVS Undersea Robotics Comp
      BangkokAug 24ABU Robocon
      Hendersonv'l, NC Aug 30Robot Assault
      Got an upcoming event?Add it or E-mail us!
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