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119Re: [sfrsa] Annual Robot Games

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  • Joe Miller
    Jul 23, 2000
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      Ya, not many online members like to talk much here, but those that are
      concerned enough do I guess. I suspect many are listening though which is
      more important. Bring your artwork to the meeting because there a many there
      that still have not subscribed to sfrsa@egroups (including our president)

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      From: Jeanette Eya-Zeissig <jzeissig@...>
      To: <sfrsa@egroups.com>
      Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2000 3:45 PM
      Subject: Re: [sfrsa] Annual Robot Games

      > Thanks for the response, Joe. I plan to be at the meeting on Wednesday.
      > (BTW, this is John.) I don't really have much time or ego invested in the
      > Logo thing. I just thought it would be fun to do a robot motif using the
      > Club initials. I knew from previous posts that someone was working on a
      > t-shirt design but hadn't seen anything about it since. This discussion
      > group has been so quiet that I thought it might provoke some responses. I
      > didn't bother to put in any text relating it to the Annual Robot Games,
      > although looking at my original post, it certainly looks as though that's
      > what I was suggesting. So, if anyone in the club wants to use it, tweak
      > into something else, or whatever, it's OK with me.
      > John Zeissig
      > >Jeanette, (or John, you didn't specify)
      > >
      > >Those are gret ideas!
      > >People have always brought there bots for show at the games but it would
      > >nice if we officially anounce it. We should discuss incentives. I intend
      > >bring my rover.
      > >
      > >Regarding your design: It would good to bring it up at the meeting. As
      > >as a show logo Toni Thomson has a design she has submitted and has
      > >seeing it through to the color seperations for T-shirt printing and all
      > >other art stuff. Your design is more of a SFRSA logo, which might have
      > >merit.
      > >
      > <http://home.att.net/~jZeissig>
      > <mailto:jZeissig@...>
      > To see an older version of the 'bot
      > Be sure to visit our web site at http://www.robots.org
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