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112RE: [sfrsa] Annual Robot Games

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  • Jeanette Eya-Zeissig
    Jul 25, 2000
      This discussion group has been pretty quiet, so I thought it might
      liven things up a bit if I posted a couple of suggestions concerning the
      Annual Robot Games. The first is a logo submission which can be viewed at
      <http://home.att.net/~jZeissig/images/SFRSA.jpg>. The logo itself is
      shown, plus a version of what it might look like on a 'droid' model
      <http://home.att.net/~jZeissig/images/SFRSAmodel.jpg>. ( Homage to
      Surayama. It's hard to get 'droids to pose these days.)
      The second suggestion is that I would like to host a walking/legged
      robot event or exhibition for the Annual Robot Games; or, if there is not
      enough interest in this category alone, a floor exercise, obstacle
      course, "Concourse d'Elegance", "petting zoo" or some other event for bots
      not dedicated to specialized events such as Sumo, etc. The intention is to
      attract some of the more complex and ghastly machines as well as B.E.A.M.
      type individual 'bots and swarms. I think we could accommodate commercial
      types (eg. AIBO, Lynxmotion kit based, etc.) as well as really unique
      creations. I confess that I enjoy the "Smackdown" mentality of Sumo,
      Battlebots and other events where the action leads to an obvious winner and
      loser; but my own 'bot is not suitable for these events
      <http://home.att.net/~jZeissig/Bot.html>, so it is pretty much left out of
      robot games. It might do well at detecting a threatening commotion and
      retreating to a safe distance over uncertain terrain (picture the behavior
      of the family cat placed in a Sumo ring with a 3kg. Sumobot and surrounded
      by noisy spectators.), but it would fail miserably at pushing a heavy,
      mobile box out of a ring, even if programmed to attempt it. It may be that
      the less structured type of exhibition that I'm proposing has been tried
      before and found to be totally boring, so I'm completely open to
      suggestions. If awards are necessary there could be a "peoples choice"
      balloting or "ugly 'bot" contest.
      Finally, I have a well-equipped workshop where I can construct any
      reasonable exhibition arena and accessory structures, and transportation
      adequate to get it all to the Exploratorium. I also have a lot of
      accumulared materials so this could be done on the cheap.
      So, let's hear what S.F.R.S.A. thinks of this idea. If there's a
      positive response I'll put out a cattle call on other 'bot discussion
      groups to see if there are enough potential participants to make it



      To see an older version of the 'bot <http://home.att.net/~jZeissig/Bot.html>
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